What animals live at cliffs?

Few animals live on a cliff but There a many types of animals that live in the mountains... Snow Leopard, mountain goat, llamas, sometimes grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, puma, elk, hoary marmot, harlequin duck, pika, ermine, golden eagle, bald eagle, hawk, falcons, vultures, andean condor, California condor, chinchilla, vicuña, wild yak, Ibex, coyotes, racoon, bobcat, servals, different types of squrrils, chipmunks, Grey fox, sometimes beavers, ravens, stellar's jay, noisy scrub jay, black crows, many types of wood packers, towhees, chickadees, western fence lizard, alligator lizard, mountain king snake, southern rubber boa, western rattler, Mojave green rattler, gopher snakes, gophers, and we'll that's pretty much most of it:)


Many birds nest off cliffs because cliffs are high up and difficult for predators to reach.
Examples include eagles, falcons, puffins (and many other sea birds)
In addition, rock wallabies of Australia are commonly found on rocky cliffs and craggy outposts. There are many different species of rock wallabies, and they are specially adapted to leap up rocky cliffsides.