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What are 'certified cars'?

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They are used cars that the dealer has gone over and Certified to be in tip top condition. Great buy, better warranty than a new car for less money.

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What are the advantages of certified used cars?

Certified used cars have several advantages. When a used car is certified, it means that it has been inspected and cleaned. This makes certified used cars better than just regular used cars, as you can't be a hundred percent sure that it is safe and in good condition.

Does Honda have any certified used cars?

Yes, Honda has a lot of certified used cars. They have almost every kind of certified Honda that you could think of. In fact, I just bought a certified Honda Odyssey from them.

Is anyone selling certified used cars in my area?

There are many online shops that sell certified used cars. Amazon.com is one of online shop that sells certified used cars with any kind of models. You can visit www.amazon.com

Can a dealer sell you a car that is not certified?

Yes. Most used cars are not certified. You can also refuse to buy a car that is not certified. Certified used cars normally have a great warranty. Sometimes even better than a new car.

Do most dealers offer certified used cars?

Yes, any dealer that sells used cars will sell certified used cars. That just means they are backed by warranties and guarantees.

Do you have to be certified to work on cars?

No, but it would be to your benefit.

Where can one find Honda certified used cars?

Honda certifies used cars through their dealerships. By visiting their site one can search through used certified cars that are stocked by dealerships in their area.

Which website has lists of certified pre owned cars for sale?

You can find information about purchasing certified pre owned cars at the following site...autos.nj.com/certified_car I hope this helps you with your question.

Does Honda sell certified used cars?

Honda does sell certified used cars. All Honda certified used cares come with an extended warranty, 150 point mechanical inspection and a free CarFax report to give you peace of mind.

Where can I buy a certified used car?

Most auto dealers sell certified used cars that should be in good condition. Try any dealer: Ford Used Vehicles, Toyota Certified Used Vehicles or even GMC Used Cars.

Where can certified pre owned cars be purchased?

Certified preowned cars can be purchased through automobile sales lots, local dealerships and satellite offices such as Mercedes, Toyota, Ford and Kia. Preowned cars can also be purchased online directly from the manufacturer.

Does Nissan sell certified used cars?

Nissan does sell certified pre-owned vehicles. They also offer warranties on their used cars. One good thing about Nissan is that they only sell used cars that are no more than five years old.

What type of product's are sold at Tulley BMW?

The Tulley BMW Center in Manchester sells used and certified cars. They are specialized in BMW cars, but other used cars of different brands are also in their inventory. The Tulley BMW Center in Nashua mainly sells new and certified pre-owned cars.

Where are Honda certified pre-owned cars available for sale?

Honda certified pre-owned cars can be purchased form any Honda dealership that sells used vehicles in your area. Call a local dealer and inquire about their inventory of certified pre-owed Hondas.

Where can I find used approved cars online?

One great website to check out is www.kbb.com, where you can find certified cars as well as compare the Blue Book values. Another great site is local auto dealers that have certified cars available that have been checked out by the dealership.

Where can I look up used cars that have been certified?

I have found a lot of success using autotrader.com and also cars.com. These websites give you the option of searching for cars that are certified and save you the hassle of sorting through them on your own.

What type of freon do you have to be certified to install?

R-12 for cars and trucks............. EPA 608 certified for homes.... This is a certification that is required by the EPA, and if you are to handle any kind of refrigerant you must be certified..............

Where can you buy a certified used car in Durham NC?

Durham has many options you could choose from when shopping for a used car. However, only some Dealership offer Certified used cars. Almost every new car dealer sells Certified Used Cars. Check around.

What are the places that offer certified used vehicles?

There are many car dealers that offer certified used vehicles. Among them are Toyota Certified, Cars, Auto Trader, GMC Certified, Ford, Mazda USA and many more local dealers.

What certifications are available for a used Audi A4?

Audi dealers across the country offer certified used cars for sale, including the Audi A4. These cars are thoroughly inspected and certified to be free from a number of major mechanical and cosmetic defects.

How can I be sure that I am looking at certified cars?

Most dealerships will have a certified stick on either the windshield or make a note on the invoice that is placed on the window. When in doubt, ask a salesman,

What is special about a dealer advertising as a 'certified used' car seller?

Dealers that offer certified used cars usually offer extended warranties on the vehicles they mark as certified. The vehicles have gone through a more extensive inspection.

What does "certified pre owned" mean to me in terms of service and mileage?

Certified pre-owned cars are inspected and refurbished by the manufacturer. They also usually come with warranties. Certified pre-owned vehicles will usually be of higher quality than uncertified.

Can you certified a used car after buying it?

Certify it for what? You can certify it's blue, it's a car, it has 4 rubber tires. Not sure of what you're wanting to certify and why. A car dealer uses a term that they sell certified used cars. What are they certifying? That the car is used? A number of lenders used by car dealers will only give loans on cars that the dealer has inspected and are saying they believe them to be in good condition. Aside from that "Certified" is a very loose marketing term that leads buyers to believe the cars they're buying are tremendously better than ones not certified. They add words that hold great value such as gold, diamond or platinum certified.

How can I check for certified used car dealerships?

Most major dealership websites will give you locations for their certified used car dealerships. Edmunds.com will also give you information about used cars.

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