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What are Blackout Curtains?

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They are heavy fabric curtains used to block out outside light.

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Blackout Curtains?

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Do blackout curtains also block noise?

No, they do not. Blackout curtains are hung on your windows and simply block out light.

Who invented blackout curtains?

God.... God invented curtains.

Do blackout curtains affect wireless signals?

No, not if they're just regular fabric curtains.

Do blackout curtains come in all different colors, or just dark colors?

You can get blackout curtains in a variety of colors and styles. Here is a site to help you out: Blackout curtains don't only come in black color there are many different colors. Here is a link to a web page with very good details and information about them. It's www.

Can you purchase the black out curtains that you find in hotels?

Yes, blackout curtains - commonly used in hotel rooms - are available for purchase. Sometimes called a drape liner, blackout curtains are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Why did they use blackout curtains?

They had to use blackout curtains because if there were German planes flying above and saw a tiny shine of light they would know where to bomb their bombs.

How do you repair holes blackout curtains?

white out (liquid works great on the back of white black out curtains.

Where can I find blackout curtain suppliers?

Blackout curtains are curtains that block out most light from outside when they are drawn across the windows. You can find them in most furniture or stores that sell home furnishings.

What is the meaning of blackout shades?

Blackout shades or blackout curtains were utilized during World War Two by England's citizenry to make it more difficult for the Axis' bombers to target their location. Blackout shades or blackout curtains are made from two or three layers of cloth. Thick black cloth for the outside layer, thick white cloth for the inside or middle layer, and an inside thick layer of your color of choice. Many were just two layers, as there was a war going on. These curtains or shades could act as thermal or sound dampers as well.

What does Blackout Curtains mean?

Black Out curtains were used in World War 2 to prevent enemy planes from seeing that there was a city or buildings during night bombing.

What side of the thermal fabric goes towards the window when making thermal blackout curtains?


Is there a maximum limit on the number of curtains to buy?

It's best to have one curtain per window, but in some cases two may be necessary, if you need blackout curtains.

What is the best material for curtains that are continuously in direct sunlight, in order to avoid fading?

Any heavy material, such as those used in blackout curtains will be great for resisting fade.

What curtain rods work best with blackout curtains?

A curtan rod that is strong wll work great.

Which of the shade can protect me or my family from cold?

A shade with blackout curtains would keep the most cold air out.

How many people used blackout curtains were there in World War 2?

Everybody in the UK had to use blackout curtains during World War II. It was a criminal offence if light could be seen coming from a house window after dark as this could indicate to an enemy bomber, the location of civilian populations.

What curtain materials provide the best sunlight blocking?

Curtains with blackout material on the outside will stop the light most effectively.

What are the blackout curtains made of?

The black out curtains were made of thick, tightly woven fabric that was heavy. When you see people on the old classic movies closing curtains that looked like and easy to shut you can be sure they are phony blackout drapes. The drapes were heavy and hard to close and open. They not only kept out light they kept out the cold which was an advantage when people needed to cut back on fuel, coal, etc to heat their homes.

What are blackout curtains made of?

During the Blackout in Britain, any thick material that kept light from escaping could be used. Some people tarred their windows and others tried black paper. The government made black cotton fabric available at a good price, but still hanging the curtains and keeping them up was a chore.

What were black out curtains?

Blackout Curtains were a feature of The Blackout - the tactics of blocking out all lights at night during the Second World War, so that enemy bomber planes could not identify targets. Blackout Curtains were made of heavy black serge or blanket material, and the idea was to completely remove any flashes or 'chinks' of light from inside the house. Street lights and traffic lights (and lights on cars and buses) were also strictly forbidden during The Blackout. This resulted in a number of road accidents and injuries. On the whole the measures were effective. German bomber pilots reported difficulty identifying specific areas of cities such as Manchester and Liverpool because of The Blackout, and in the case of Hull, the East Park boating lake was bombed as the Germans believed it to be part of Hull Docks.

Do the Waverly or Eclipse brands carry black out window curtains that come with coordinating scarves?

The answer is yes: both Waverly and Eclipse carry blackout curtains that can be easily coordinated with matching or complementary styles of window scarf treatments.

What is the Definition of blackout curtains?

Black out curtain are curtain that are used to block out any and all light so you cant see anything through them in or out.

Are there any window treatments that block out city lights?

Yes, many curtains have blackout material on the outside just to keep bright lights out.

What are the best window blinds which i can use in my bedroom?

Blackout curtains are great for a bedroom where you need to block out lights or need complete darkness for restful sleep.