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What are Indian festivals?

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What was the Indian festivals in year 1958?

what was the Indian festivals in year 1958

Indian festivals of 1965?

when was holi

What are some of the festivals that Indians celibate?

Three commonly celebrated festivals in the Hindi Indian community are Holi, Vishnu, and the Tamil New Year. There are many other festivals in the religion that are celebrated among other Indian festivals that are not Hindu.

What is real Indian Art?

Indian art is all about their gods, colture and festivals

Are there any Indian foods related to festivals?


Which Indian State is associated with the Bihu Festivals?


Which Indian city is known as City of festivals?


Hindi site for information on Indian festivals?


What are Indian festivals in 1970?

date of krishan janamasthmi 1970

What are the advantages and disadvantages of festivals?

advantage and disadvantage of Indian festival

What are some of the Indian festivals?

—Some festivals - ØDiwali ØHoli ØOnam ØRaksha bandhan ØJanamashtami ØNavaratri ØChristamas ØEaster

Indian calendar with all festivals in 1954?

dashera of year 1954

Indian calendar for year 1994 with all festivals shown?


Are festivals part of culture in India?

Yes -Very Much So. Festivals are a part of the Indian Culture. Most religions have their own festivals and the best part is, all communities enjoy them together.

For the Indian Tourism Board what is defined as spiritual tourism?

Those that enter in Indian territory to visit religious sites, and or to assist to Indian religious festivals.

How many Indian festivals are there?

There are different religions in India and each religion has their own number of festivals. Commonly, you may find 20 - 30 grand festivals celebrated country wise or state wise.

Description ofcommercilisation of Indian festivals?

holi, Diwali, independance day, etc.

Hindi eassy site?

Hindi esays on any 5 Indian festivals

What are the aspect of Indian life?

the culture, the food, the mud huts and the costumes/festivals.

List of Holidays 2009 in Tamilnadu India?

How do you draw a picture of Indian festival?

by mixing all the festivals in one sheet fdswee

What festivals do Indian celebrate?

Indians celebrate Holli Diwali Krishna bday and outher stuff

What is the Indian harvest festival called?

The Indian harvest festivals is called the Sankranti or Makar Sankranti. The Indian harvest festival is usually celebrated in January and goes by different names in different states.

Do Indian tribes celebrate anything?

Indian tribes celebrate many spiritually related events with festivals and rituals. They celebrate with ceremonies for the seasons, healing and harvests.

How does Indian festivals effects environment?

Indian festivals are starting to have an effect on the environment; ceramic painted idols, flowers, leaves and other gifts for the gods are polluting the waterways. Air pollution from firecrackers and idols been burnt. They are all producing harmful chemicals and toxins into the environment.