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A vice grip is used to hold small objects tighter than regular pliers will.

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Q: What are Vise Grip pliers used for?
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What looks like a pair of bent needle nose vise-grip pliers?

That's most likely a pair of bent needle nose vise grip pliers. I have a set just like that and also others with wide flat jaws and large round jaws. There are many different kinds if vice grip pliers.

What are the examples of holding tools?

pliers , wrench , pipe wrench , vise grip , c-clamp

What are examples of Holding tools?

pliers , wrench , pipe wrench , vise grip , c-clamp

What is vise grip?

A type of locking wrench made by Vise Grip.

What is vise grip wrench?

A type of locking wrench made by Vise Grip.

How do you pop the hood on a 99 venture when the cable snaps at the release?

If there is a small piece of cable still showing clamp a vise grip pliers on it and pull

What are the uses of a vise grip?

A vise grip is a great versatile tool. It can be used in woodworking projects to hold wood down when cutting. It can also be used to secure two pieces of wood for glueing them together.

What is the use of mechanical pliers?

Mechanical pliers are used to grip things, and cut some types of wire.

What is the proper term for vise grips?

They are called locking pliers or locking jaw pliers. Sometime clamping pliers.

What tool are 10 most popular tools in a persons toolbox?

I would vote for: phillips head screwdriver flat head screw driver pliers adjustable pliers (channel-locks) vise grip pliers (locking) needle nose pliers adjustable wrench (crescent) pipe wrench (steelson) hammer measuring tape

How can you stop gas from coming out of hoses when replacing fuel filter?

Just pinch the hose end with small vise grip pliers, just tight enough to squeeze the inside of the hose shut

How do you remove a drill bit from a stuck keyless chuck?

Use a pair of Vise-Grip pliers on the key-less chuck and Channel-lock pliers on the stuck bit. Holding the drill with the drill facing away from you (as in use), turn the chuck clockwise and the bit counterclockwise.

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