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What are all the requirements to being a surrogate mother?

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In order to be a surrogate mother (and go through and agency) you are required to have a physical and psychological exam. Both of these need to prove that there is no risk to your or the baby if you were to becom pregnant. The psychological exam is to prove that you are emotionally prepared to hand the child over to it's parents at the time of the delivery.

Diferent states have different laws. In some states it is not legal to be a surrogate mother unless you are a "compassionate surrogate mother" in which case you will receive no money for your role in carrying and delivering the child.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages for being surrogate mother?

Advantages: 1. It would give you the chance to help the mother who can't carry her child for whatever reason. 2. You could get paid a lot of money(depending on the hospital). Disadvantages: 1. A potential illness could be inserted into your body. 2. 9 months of being uncomfortable. 3. Separation from the child could be difficult. 4. Depending on if your related to the mother or not, you would not be living in your house for the duration of the pregnancy, instead you would be at the hospital. 5. The parent(s) could die or become unable to care for the child, leaving you with the decision on whether or not to keep it. I know it seems like there is more disadvantages to advantages, being a surrogate can be a life-changing experience. All I want to remind is, if your planning on doing this: 1. Pray about it. Hard. 2. Consult your pastor and (or) your relatives. 3. Pray some more. Good luck:)

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This Varies. Surrogacy or having a surrogate mother carry your baby is a simple medical but complex emotional and social procedure. The cost varies from country to country and depending on what is included in a "fully inclusive medical quote". I know of one such agency which provides all inclusive srrogacy in India at USD 17000 - 20000. They have an email info(at) One of my friend couple successfully had a baby with surrogacy through them in New Delhi. These costs include almost everything like compensation, reseidence ocst, food cost, traveling, food etc. of surrogate, fertility procedure cost, investigations, lawyers fees, facilitation charges etc.

Surrogate mothers have visitation rights to see the child later?

Nope, no rights to the child at all after birth.

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