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Honestly i dont know..but you should go to your doctor and get it checked out, because you never know it might be something serious

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โˆ™ 2008-06-08 15:56:53
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Q: What are clear patches of smalll bumps that are itchy all over the back stomach and arms?
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My face is not clear i my small bumps on my forehead and cheeks and red spots too What do I do?

You can use acne products such as Pro-Active to help clear up the bumps on your face.

Do you have chickenpox if you have small bumps?

Many conditions cause small bumps. See your healthcare provider for a clear diagnosis.

Bumps that release a clear liquid when squeezed?

Bumps that release a clear liquid when squeezed could be many different things. Examples they could be are acne, cysts, poison ivy or boils.

What is small red bumps in skin?

If they are small bumps that have clear fluid in them, it is known as Dysidrosis. A cortisone cream should help.

Is poison ivy clear bumps?

That Dont Even Make Sense!

What are the characteristics of a bean seed?

They have no bumps and they are clear although after they start to grow they have vains

If you have clear bumps on your fingers that only occur in the winter what are these and can they be diagnosed as something?

Of course you need to

What color is your stomach acid suppose to be?

Clear and colorless

I have these weird little bumps on one of my fingers and on the side of my foot. If you pop them clear liquid comes out. What are they?


How do you get rid of acne bumps?

don't pop them if you do they will get worse.well i had acne and i got rid of it by using clean and clear.

Your son gets numerous tumor like bumps on his head you have taken him to the doctor--they are not tumors The bumps are filled with either a clear liquid or blood He plays football wears a helmet?

sounds like a blister

Can smoking cause high blood pressure?

There are links between smoking and high blood pressure. I would recommend quitting smoking by any means available to you. Personally, I would suggest the 'e-cig' or electronic cigarette. These do work, and the only thing you would exhale is a water vapor, and you can use them practically anywhere (including on a plane). I would also recommend nicotine patches, but NOT the clear patches. The clear patches do not work as well as the manufacturers claim. There is a minor issue with the transdermal adhesive. If at all possible, look for NicoDerm CQ patches that aren't clear. These patches do work. The 'step-down' program works as well, you've just got to want to quit, and that's the biggest hurdle you'll ever face.

What are red bumps that don't itch?

Probably just irritated hair follicles, should clear up on their own.

What can you do on your own to clear up white bumps on your tongue?

White bumps??? If your refering to the normal texture of your tongue ,there is nada you can do . If you have bumps towards the very back that is from post nasal drip during the night . take a decongestant before bed other than that you should go see a doctor because bumps are not from my 7 years looking in peoples mouths at work is not normal.

What are small red bumps that do not itch?

They are prbably hair follicles that have been infected or irritated, they should clear up on their own.

What are clear bumps found on the first bend in a finger that aren't itchy or red and never go away?

It might be a wart

Is cramping in the lower stomach and clear urine a sign of pregnancy?

No. Clear urine is a good thing and means you're hydrated. Cramping in the lower stomach CAN be a sign of pregnancy, but not on its own. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Do colonics flatten tummies?

Colonics can help flatten the area of the stomach but not drastically. Colonics clear waste from the intestines which can help with the bloating of the stomach.

Why do we cough?

It is usually to clear something from our throat, such as vomiting clears things from your stomach.

How to get rid of Bumps on upper arms?

Go see a doctor. If you have them in other places you could have an allergy to a soap you are using either by bathing or in the laundry. So you could change soaps. Try an over the counter cream to help clear your bumps.

How long will Fentanyl pain patches show up in a urine test after you quit using them?

Everyone is different, but I was clear after 72-84 hours.

What is unique about mosquitoes?

They feed on your blood, they can fill half their body with liquids, and they have a clear stomach.

Itchy dry bumps on my face around my nose and mouth?

pimples? blackheads? or an allergic reaction? either way, wash your face. scru it around the bumps to clean them really good. it should clear up on its own. if it dosent get better, see your doctor.

Stomach pains nausia and diarrhea?

Thank you for that very clear question. These are the common symptoms of The Bends.

What do bumps down your throat mean?

If you have bumps down your throat and you feel like you have something stuck in your lower throat, it could be a bacterial infection such as pharyngitis or tonsillitis. You should consult your doctor because bacterial infections usually require a course of antibiotics to clear them up.