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Electrical Applications

Approximately 65% of copper produced is used for electrical applications. Copper has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal, apart from silver or gold, leading to applications in:

  • Power generation and transmission - generators, Transformers, motors, busbars and cables provide and deliver electricity safely and efficiently to homes and businesses.
  • Electrical equipment - providing circuitry, wiring and contacts for PCs, TVs and mobile phones.

Copper has a key role to play in energy efficiency - the judicious use of 1 tonne of copper in the energy sector makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 200 tonnes per year on average.


25% of all the copper produced is used in buildings - for Plumbing, roofing and cladding. Copper provides light, durable maintenance-free structures that are naturally good looking, long lasting and fully recyclable. Copper's naturally antimicrobial properties can be exploited in hygienic surfaces for hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Trains, trams, cars and lorries all need copper and transport accounts for 7% of copper usage. The high purity copper wire harness system carries the current from the battery throughout the vehicle to equipment such as lights, central locking, on-board computers and satellite navigation systems. Electric super trams in cities such as Manchester, Sheffield and Croydon, provide clean, efficient transport powered by electric motors. The overhead contact wires are either copper-silver or copper-cadmium alloys.


Copper has known antibacterial effects, and surfaces made with copper or its alloys can help to reduce the spread of disease.


The remaining 3% is used for coins, sculptures, Musical Instruments and cookware.

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What are the common uses for copper?

Copper is commonly used for wiring, plumbing, and coins.

What Copper sulphate used for?

Copper Sulfate has many different uses, on common one is the treatment of diseases and parasites in aquaculture and ornamental fish.

What are some important uses for copper?

There are many important uses for copper. Copper can be used in pipes and in wiring as a few examples.

What are some common uses for copper?

Copper is used for transformers, motors, mobile phones, and for contacts in computers. It's also used in frying pans and utensils.

What are some common uses for copper sulfate?

A common use of copper sulfate in agriculture include as an algaecide and fungicide. For the chemical industry it is used in adhesives and the purification process for glass. Copper sulfate is also used in swimming pools to prevent algae blooms.

The uses of copper?

the uses of copper are, making coins e.g. one pence and 2 pence cya :)

What are some uses of copper after mining it?

you can make copper stuff

Common uses of copper?

Electricity Wires where it's a good conductor & it's use to make some mechanical parts.

What is the uses of copper?


What is the difference between a copper sulfate and copper sulphate?

copper sulfate is a brand name that uses copper sulphate

What are some good uses for the element copper?

Copper Wire, Copper Water Pipes, Pennies,

What are some of the uses of Copper Tape?

A couple of uses for Copper Tape is gardening and radio operations. These are just a couple of the many uses for this tape. Designers can use Copper Tape in stained glass and mosaic work.

Is copper common?

I think copper is common but I am not entirely sure. Hope this helps!

What mineral is a common ore for copper?

Chalcopyrite and malachite are common copper ores.

What are 3 uses of copper alloys?

Copper alloys are used in jewllery.

Which country uses the most copper?

China is the largest consumer of copper.

What is the uses of copper and zinc?

Copper and zinc form the alloy brass.

Common name of copper ore?


Which country uses copper the most?

Many experts agree that China is the country that uses copper the most. Currently China's demand for copper is higher than the supply available.

Important uses for copper?


What are the uses for copper?

construction is a use

How many uses are there for copper?

there r only 2 uses1. copper is use inn wires.2. it is use for utensils.

What is the use of copper?

It can be used for pennies, copper wire and many other uses

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How is copper used in a mobile phone?

copper is uses in becouse is good electronic of heat