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A customer's needs are things like food, shelter, transportation, etc. Basically essentials for everyday normal function.

A customer's wants would be along the lines of sexual appeal, high social status, pleasure, etc.

A customer's demands are usually safety, quality, and value.

Needs are the basic requirements of human beings which are naturally exist means default requirement of human being such as food, sheleter and clothing. Marketers never perform special role in creating needs nor they can do. Wants are needs shaped by culture and social values and demands are wants backed by purchasing power.

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Q: What are customer needs wants and Demands?
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What is customer accommodation?

Customer accommodation is satisfying a consumers wants/needs, ensuring their demands are meet and obtaining the end desired state the customer seeks.

Core concepts of marketing?

needs wants and demands

What are some fundamental marketing concepts?

There are many fundamentals of marketing. These include knowing the needs, demands, and wants of the customer, segmenting the customer out to reach the right group, and showing value of your product.

Definiton of satisfying customer needs and wants?


What is the Difference Between Customer Wants and Needs in a Market?


What is Marketing 'or Define Marketing in your own words?

marketing is a act of identifying the needs and wants of the customer and help the customer to achieve those needs and wants through our valuable product

Definition customer service?

customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers' wants and needs.

Briefly compare and contrast the concepts of needs wants and demands giving an example of each?

Human needs are states of felt deprivation. Needs are part of the human make-up; they are not created by external forces. Humans have a basic physical need for food, clothing, warmth, and safety; a basic social need for belonging and affection; and a basic individual need for knowledge and self-expression. Unlike needs, wants are not innate; instead, wants are needs shaped by culture, society, and individual personality. For example, an American needs food but wants a Big Mac and a soft drink. An American with ten dollars needs food, wants a Big Mac and soft drink, and demands lunch at McDonalds. Wants become demands when they are backed by consumers' buying power. Marketers conduct extensive research to understand customers' wants and demands. They then attempt to fulfill customers' wants and demands through their market offerings.

Explain Needs wants demand?

Needs - Human beings have many complex needs. These can include basic physical needs such as food, clothing, and safety. Other needs are social needs which includes affection, recognition, fame, etc. Wants - How people communicate their needs Demands - People have unlimited wants but also have limited sources. They tend to choose products that produce the most satisfaction for their money. When backed by buying power, wants become demands.

Why do you consider customer wants and not just customer needs in marketing?

Because wants are more powerful than needs. Think of Maslow's Hierarchy where the physical needs are at the bottom of the pyramid and more aspiration, self-discovery needs are higher up.

What does it mean to satisfy customer needs and wants?

It means if a customer for example wants something done or has a complaint, you try to fix it and keep them happy. Also the customer is always right

How does tesco meet customer needs?

By doing what their customer wants them to do as well as making them happy with what Tesco has store for them

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