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What are cute ways to ask a girl to the prom?


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If yo keep trying to think of cute ways to ask a girl to the prom, some one is going to ask her before you do. Son! Just ask her, "would you like to go to the prom with me."

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You could always give her a rose or some flower with a note attached to it asking. Another REALLY cute way is to go to build a bear, make her a bear, record your voice asking her, and then giving her the bear. Kind of expensive, but she'll remember it forever.

Give them a rose with a note tied to it...*swoon* *daydreams*

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my favorite was my date asked me by outlining his body with chalk on my drive way saying "____, i am dying to go to prom with you!"

Answer 4

WHen shes on the toilet, run to her house, and go in her bathroom, hand her the toilet paper and say, will you please go to prom with me?

She cannot say no.