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Firstly, miscarriage is the term used when a pregnancy is lost by accident. You may also hear it talked of as an abortion. This does NOT mean a medical or surgical termination it is just 'medical speak'. Early on in pregnancy you may have a 'complete' miscarriage. You may not even know you are pregnant and you lose all the pregnancy like a late, heavy period. This can be dealt with at home. There is also an 'incomplete', where the cramping and bleeding do not stop because some of the peregnancy is still in the uterus. Medical care is needed as the bleeding has to be stopped. 'Threatened', is where you have some bleeding and cramping and then it stops. You may go on to have a full-term pregnancy, or it may come back and you start bleeign again then it becomes 'Inevitable' and you lose the baby. Very occasionally you may have a 'missed' when the baby dies but you do not pass it and all the symptoms of pregnancy go away. If this happens you may need medical care to help pass the pregnancy. For more information see

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Q: What are different types of miscarriages?
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