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from Hamlet Act III,scene 1 Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them? Seriously,this could apply to war in Iraq versus ignoring,say,Saddam's Dictatorship. To fight or walk away basically.

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Q: What are examples and resolutions of situations of moral conflict where you have to choose between two seemingly right alternatives?
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What are the factors that contribute to situations of global conflict?

the shadow it conflict so that factors that can contribute to situations of global conflict.......

What was the UN role in the conflict in the middle east?

Sincerely, any real role, only flippancy and lack of courage. The United Nations has passed numerous resolutions to try to end the conflict and passed many successful ceasefire resolutions like UNSC Resolutions 242 and 338, which still form the basis of negotiations to this day.

What is the experience for a customer service agent on handling conflict situations and how did she manage the guest expectation?

experience on handling conflict situations? How did you manage the guest expectation?

Did the UN ever intervene in a conflict involving Armenia?

It depends what you mean by "intervene". Unlike several other conflicts, UN peacekeepers were never deployed in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict (which involved Armenia and Azerbaijan). However, the UN passed several resolutions on that conflict, which did create a ceasefire. Please see the Related Link to view the resolutions.

What are good communication examples?

Solving complex/conflict situations

What is the influence of the conflict and consensus theories on a teacher's workf?

The theories create situations where conflict can be resolved through collaboration.

Why are both passive and aggressive behaviors unproductive in conflict situations?

why are both passive and aggressive behaviours unproductive in a contflict situations

What is a conflict in a book?

The conflict of a book is a problem that the main character or characters face. The conflict, or problem, needs to be solved.In literature, conflict is two or more opposing situations on which the plot is built.

What typical situations may cause conflict with other adults?

The typical situation that may cause conflict is that differences of opinion.

Peace and conflict studies meaning and concept of peace?

Peace does not mean the total absence of conflict but the capacity to put conflict indicators or conflict situations under control without distablizing the system

How did the Aztecs fall?

[[They fell due to outside conflict, resource depletion, and inside situations.]]

What causes social conflict?

A differece in learned patterns and thought process to given situations

Why is consideration of intentions important in conflict situations?

People respond based on their interpretation of others' intentions.

What did Shakespeare add to his play to create conflict between characters and situations?

supernatural events - apex

What did Shakespeare add to his plays to create conflict between characters and situations?

(Apex)~ Supernatural Elements

What did the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions state?

The Kentucky Resolutions (Thomas Jefferson) and the Virginia Resolutions (James Madison) set the basic arguments for states' rights. Both documents seemed to support the rights of the states to interpret the Constitution by saying that if an individual state considered an act of Congress in violation of, or in conflict with the Constitution, that state could then declare that act (law) null and void (not enforceable) within the borders of that state. John C. Calhoun would base his doctrine of Nullification on the arguments set forth in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.

What were some of the alternatives to dropping the atomic bomb on Japan?

A long and drawn out conflict. They chose the atomic bomb because it was a lot more humane.

What are the 3 situations in a central conflict?

# Man vs Man # Man vs Nature # Man vs Himself

What is the World Court's role?

Preventing future generations from the scourge of war (much in line with the United Nations) and finding peaceful resolutions in times of international conflict between states.

At times many of us are caught in a situation of moral conflict where we have to choose between two seemingly right alternatives Give us one situation when you faced this conflict How did you reso?

choose what is your hart say. think how your dicidion can effect you and your family in the long run. make a check list . compare both paths with each other. close your eyes. take few big breaths. now think after effects of both moral paths think how it will effect your future and your loved ones. now decide

What is the conflict of the secret life of bees?

The internal conflict is Lilly wrestling with her motherlessness and how she killed her mother, and the external conflict is all the racism, such as with Rosaleen and Zach (if you don't know these situations, read the book!) as well as with Lilly and T-Ray, who is trying to track down Lilly.

Examples of avoidance-avoidance conflict?

Definition:forced choice between two or more undesirable alternatives An example can be having a tooth ache and hating to go to the dentist. Here you have two negative situations in where you have to make a decision, to continue with the pain which is horrifying or going to the dentists which you also hate. Your stuck in between two things that you do not like but end up doing either.

What did the United Nations have to do with the conflict between the conflict between the Arabs and Jews?

The U.N. has passed a number of resolutions concerning peace in the Middle East; notably among them, resolution 181, which partitioned the Holy Land in 1947. The U.N. has also sent peacekeeping forces to the Middle East, such as UNIFIL in Lebanon.

Approach to be followed during conflict situations?

Approach to be followed in conflict resolution include problem identification, providing different options, choosing the best solution, agreement between the parties involved, implementation of the solution and making a follow up. Different conflict resolution methods may be used.

Does technology promote family wellness?

Technology has nothing to do with family wellness. Conflict is a common family problem, and conflict can arise between family members that argue about technology -- though the core of those situations is clearly stubbornness and misunderstanding, not technology itself.