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Q: What are facts about Western Field Model 19 shotguns?
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What are facts about Western Field double barrel shotguns?

That would be a Stevens/Savage 315 with a Montgomery Ward name.

What are facts about Western Field Model 150C 410 bolt actions?

You might see if schematics are available from Numrich Gunparts. Mossberg seems to have made more Western Field marked guns than anyone else, but there are quite a few from Stevens/Savage and a few other makers. The 150 is a Mossberg 183K

What are facts about Montgomery Ward and Co Western Field Deluxe shotguns?

Western Field Model 60 is listed in my cross-reference list as a Savage 620A. But I can't find that Savage model in any of my books. Can you describe it a bit more - single shot, double barrel, pump, bolt action, semi-automatic? Most homeowner's insurance will not need any special coverage for a few thousand dollars worth of firearms, and any Montgomery Ward will be less than a few hundred. Anonymous - I won't say Ithaca NEVER made any Montgomery Wards guns, but there are none in my list. Give a little more description and I may be able to ID it.

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I doubt if you will find any books on Crescent shotguns. As one person on another board explained "people with $50 guns don't buy $50 books to read about them". Joe Voresik is working on a new edition of "Shotgun Markings" which may include a lot more information than is currently available.

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