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frogfish belongs to the family Antennariidae, and its remarkable features are, Body short, spherical, and laterally compressed with lateral eyes; mouth large with 2-4 more or less irregular rows of small, villiform teeth on upper and lower jaws; tube-like gill opening under pectoral base, used for jet-propelling. Three dorsal spines on head, the anteriormost (illicium) free and modified as a lure, usually with a distinct fleshy bait (esca). Cutaneous filaments or appendages nearly always present; color and color pattern highly variable from white, yellow, red to dark brown and black. Juveniles and adults benthic in 0-300 m, with the single exception of Histrio, which pelagic in floating sargassum weed. Voracious carnivores feeding on fishes or crustaceans attracted by wriggling the bait. May resort to cannibalism, even if the other is a potential mate. To 33 cm SL in Antennarius avalonis. Usually females lay thousands of eggs embedded in a large bouyant gelatinous mass; several species bear eggs attached to their body, whereas Histrio histrio produces a raft of eggs that floats at the surface among seaweed.

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The difference is the width of the bed. The king sized bed is bigger then the queen sized bed. The king size headboard will be 16 inches wider then the queen sized boards.

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Q: What are facts about frogfish?
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When was Psychedelic frogfish created?

Psychedelic frogfish was created in 2009.

How do frogfish move?

Frogfish walk with their pectoral fins. They only use their fin for short fast swims.

Is a frogfish warm blooded?

cold blooded

What do frogfish do to hide from predators?

They have poison glands behind their eyes. Animals who attempt to eat them usually spit them out (if they are lucky).

Where does a frogfish live?

mostly in Indian ocean in australia

Why frogfish so hard to see?

he closes his eyes

What do frog fish eat?

frogfish eat many fish

Where do frogfish live?

up your but around the corner with your mom in this order.

Is a frogfish warm-blooded or cold-blooded?

cold blooded

How long does a frogfish live for?

Frogs and their tadpoles are unable to exist in saltwater.

What are the Red Lion-fish's predators?

The sharks, eels, scorpion fish, frogfish, the grouper, and Cornetfish.

Which fish that does not swim uses it's fins to walk along the sand at the bottom of the water?

Frogfish for one