What are facts about tom kaulitz?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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I luv Tom Kaulitz!! <3

Full Name: Tom Kaulitz (I removed Trumper because Simones name is Kaulitz-Trumper but not the twins./Mollienr1)

Date of Birth: 1st of September,1989

Born 10 minutes before his twin brother, Bill Kaulitz

His fave color:Blue

Number of Hats: about 70

He loves waffles.

His favorite food is Italian-Pasta,Pizza

Favorite Song: Die Reise ist das Ziel-by Samy Deluxe.

He loves Gibson Guitars.

He did karate when he was younger.

His favorite saying "Carpe Diem!" which means "seize the day"

and that's all i can really think of right now..

he grew up in Germany, he gets with a girl does her then nvr tlks to her, hes a one nite stand type of dude.

  • Nationality: German

    Birthday: 9-1-1989 in Leipzig

    Zodiac: Virgo

    Height: 1,80 meter

    Weight: 58 kilograms

    Size of shoe: 44

    Hair colour: dark blonde

    Eye colour: brown

    Marital status: single

    Hobbys: playing guitar, partys, graphiti, BMX

    Favorite Food: Pizza, Burger, spaghetti, noodle buffering, acidic gum, rice pudding, waffles

    Favorite car: Cadillac escalade

    Life adage: "Carpe Diem!"

    Inside facts:

  • Tom plays the guitar in the band Tokio Hotel
  • He and his brother Bill are twins (--> Bill Kaulitz). But Tom came 10 minutes earlier on this world.

    His parents be parted as Tom and Bill were six years old. The twins live with her mother Simone Kaulitz.

  • With nine years they went from Magdeburg to Loitsche.
  • The later stepfather, Gordon Trümper, played also in a rock 'n' roll band. He played guitar in his band. To this time he has also a music school.
  • Tom was inspirited by his stepfather to learn guitar. But he also was learning by doing.
  • Privacy he likes to listen HipHop. And his favourite singer is the German HipHop-star is Samy Deluxe. To his absolutely favourites song belongs 50 Cent's "In Da Club". But Tom likes Rock Music, too. His first rockalbum was from Aerosmith.
  • The Kaulitz' have a dog called "Scotty" and a cat called "Kasimir". Scotty, the Labrador - Doberman-half breed would fetched in a animal shelter, when he was 9 months. And the cat they found outdoor.
  • Tom goes on the same high school like his brother. (Kurfürst-Joachim-Friedrich-Gymnasium in Wolmirstedt -->
  • His bus to school goes at same time like his brothers: at 6 o'clock
  • His favourite subject was art
  • He took for long time karate - lesson
  • Tom and Bill, both be use apple computers
  • When he was six years old (like his brother), he played with his brother a role in the TV-movie "Verrückt nach dir".
  • He is a graffiti-fan
  • Sometimes he smokes
  • Tom is a great fan of "Gibson"-Guitar
  • Best b-day gift:the present he got 10 min. after he was born :)
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Q: What are facts about tom kaulitz?
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What are facts about Tom Kaulitz's childhood?

he used to skateboard all the time

What is the birth name of Tom Kaulitz?

Tom Kaulitz's birth name is Tom Kaulitz-Trmper.

Is Tom kaulitz dead?

no tom kaulitz is not dead.

Does tom kaulitz can skate?

yes tom kaulitz can skate

Who is tom kaulitz's wife?

Tom Kaulitz does not have a wife. He is not married.

Does Tom Kaulitz have gauges?

Yes, as of this year Tom Kaulitz has guages.

Does tom kaulitz have a middle name?

No none of them do. They are just Bill and Tom Kaulitz.

When did tom kaulitz invent MySpace?

Tom Kaulitz didn't invent MySpace.

Is tom kaulitz a good guy?

Yes,Tom Kaulitz is a Good Guy. :D

What color are Tom Kaulitz's eyes?

Tom Kaulitz's eyes are a warm medium brown.

There is a lot of info about Bill Kaulitz but what about Tom Kaulitz?

== == == == == ==

Are Tom and Bill Kaulitz from Hamburg Germany?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz were born in Leipzig, Germany.