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Shield volcanoes

Cinder cone volcanoes

Composite volcanoes

Lava plateaus

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Four landforms created from lava and ash?

Three landforms that can be created from ash are cinder cone volcanoes, composite volcanoes, and shield volcanoes. Lava plateaus can also be formed.

What landforms do lava and ash create?

Five landforms that are created from lava and ash are: 1)Shield volcano 2)Cinder cone 3)Composite volcano 4)Caldera 5)Volcanic neck

What are six landforms from lava and ash?

I only know four they are shield volcanoes, composite volcanoes, and lava plateaus thats all I know

What are landforms from lava and ash?

Lava Plateaus Cinder Cone, Composite, Strato, and Shield volcanoes.

Differences between lava and ash landforms and magma landforms?

they are both volcanoes and both erupt something

How is volcano created?

Volcanoes are created by layers of ash and lava eruptions

Was Pompeii covered in ash or lava?

Pompeii was covered is ash not lava.

Products of volcanic eruptions?

Volcanic ash adds to the fertility of the soil at the surrounding area of the volcano which is erupting. Lava creates new landforms.

What is a mountain that is formed by lava ash?

A mountain that is formed by lava ash is a volcano.

What a mountain that forms from layers of lava and ash?

what is mountain formed from layers of lava and ash

What is the meaning of layers of ash and lava?

A Stratovolcano has ash and lava layers . Stratovolcanos usually have a very thick lava and explosive eruptions.

How did Mount Etna affect the environment?

lots of ash, lava everywhere, more ash, death, destruction, ash, lava etc.

What is the difference between an ash volcano and lava volcano?

In a ash Volcano there is no lava so just thick smoke and ash comes out.

What is the difference between volcanic ash and volcanic lava?

Lava is a hot liquid from the inside of the earth and ash is a lava powder, which is very hot.

Does it spew lava or ash or flow?

A volcano will spew lava.

Do volcanoes produce large amounts of ash when they erupt?

Volcanoes with high levels of water in their lava produce ash, those with dry lava produce no ash.

What dragon would you get if you breed a lava dragon and a flower dragon?

Probably an ash dragon. Think about it: lava + flower = ash.

What comes out of a volcano besides lava?

Rocks,dust,ash,smoke,and lava.

What shoots through the opening of a volcano?

molton lavaLava, ash, and rock.

What produces lava?

Lava is produced by volcanic ash. The magma underneath the surface rises until it meets with the ash. Then, slowly it grinds together and BOOM! There it is, your lava, homemade. this was done by: Davey Burgess

What land forms are created by lava and ash?

Islands that are all dried lava. Or may only have plants on them. Often shaped like an upside down V. God designed them.

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