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  • Crunches.
  • Obviously crunches but a more strenuos exercise is lying down on your back on the floor with your hands at your side then lifting your feet together about 6 inches off the ground, do this till your legs give up! The weight of your legs works every muscle in the abdomin! Do this exercise 3 - 5 times a night as it doesnt take long.
  • Actually the best exercise for abdominals is not the basic crunch, it is a tie between doing crunches on an exercise ball and bicycle crunches. The reason these are both better than regular crunches is because using an exercise ball means you get a wider range of motion and you can work a larger section of your abdomen.
  • Doing bicycle crunches is a great way to burn calories and work out your entire core at the same time. You can work out your entire core because you are not doing just one motion, you work out the sides as well as the center.
  • These exercises may help you to get ripped in a month: Bicycle Crunches ( Legs Raised ), Straight Leg Raises ( Support your back ), Straight Leg Pendulum ( Side Abs), Butterfly Crunch ( Whole Abdominal ), Reverse Crunches ( Lower Abs), Reverse Crunches, Medicine Ball (Lower Abs), Medicine Ball twisties. Oblique (Side Abs), Medicine Ball Reach ( Upper Abs ), Bench Knee Ups ( Lower Abs ), Medicine Ball Pendulum, oblique (Side Abs), Ball Crunches (Upper Abs).
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Q: What are good abdominal exercises?
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Abdominal exercises after abdominal surgery?

Here are some abdominal exercises that can be done after abdominal surgery. Crunches, oblique twists, reverse crunches and pushup/twists are good exercises to do after abdominal surgery.

What are good at home exercises for the fatty stomach?

Any sort of sit up that works the abs, look up good abdominal exercises. CARDIO WILL NOT WORK

What are some good exercises for losing belly fat?

Abdominal exercises such as sit ups and abdominal crunches can help you slim, but the most effective way is through an increase in whole grains within your daily diet.

What are some good abdominal exercises?

Sit ups and squats, bicycle kicks too. Work out your abdominals using sit ups, power thrusts, and other various exercises help in working out the abdominal muscles

Do yoga ball exercises really tighten your abdominal area?

Yes, yoga ball exercises that are specifically designed to tighten your abdominal muscles can tighten your abdominal area. As with all exercises consistency will provide better results.

Do abdominal excercies help your body?

An effective abdominal exercise will work the core of your body; it is good to have a strong core. The best exercises will use all of the muscle group in the abdominal region.

What are good exercises to build muscle and lose body fat?

Some good exercises to build muscle and lose body fat include bench presses, pull ups and sit ups. Other good exercises are abdominal crunches and squats.

What are some abdominal exercises one can do to tone the abs?

There are many different exercises that target and tone the abs. Some abdominal exercises are sit-ups, crunches, abdominal hold, side crunch, and even the plank are great for toning the abs.

What type of exercises are good for conditioning ones abs?

There are many exercises for conditioning the abs. Some of these are the basic crunch, the plank, the bicycle, the abdominal hold, the side crunch, and the hundred.

What are some good exercises for burning fat off?

Some of the best known exercises are starjumps, abdominal crunches, and knee lifts which can alter your weight and burn off fat.

What exercise machine is best for abdominal exercise?

There are various exercise machines that are good for abdominal exercises. Yoga balls are good for your stomach, you should first know how to use a yoga ball properly though for abdominal exercises. There are also chairs that help you do sit ups, such as "the ab rocket." Infomercials are known for exercise machines, you could browse through some and buy the one you think is the best.

How abdominal exercises increase intra-abdominal pressure?

We need to stablize our lumbar area and abdominal exercises stimulate that. Research shows muscle contractions in this area increase intra-abdominal pressure via stimulate transversus abdominis muscle and thoracolumbar fascia reactions.

How can I fix my spinal problem?

By doing some exercises we can fix the spinal problem and these exercises may include abdominal muscle exercises, Abs exercises, yoga , functional exercises etc.

What is 'abdominal exercises' in German?


How do you get better abs?

Reduce your body fat through a good diet and regular exercise. Abdominal exercises such as crunches can also help.

What exercises can you do to get rid of loose skin around the stomach and underarms?

you do abdominal crunches and biceps exercises using dumbells.

What are the best exercises to avoid Dowager's Hump?

Dowager's Hump is a form of scoliosis in which the spine begins to form in a C shape. Exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles such as abdominal presses are the best exercises for avoiding or strengthening the back to prevent a Dowager's Hump.

Do floor exercises help strengthen abdominal muscles?

Some floor exercises, if done correctly, do strengthen abdominal muscles. Crunches and situps do this. Some yoga or pilates positions accomplish this as well.

What are good exercise plans for flat abs?

For flat abs, you can do abdominal exercises. These include: sit-ups, and waist twists, to name a couple of them.

Abdominal curls are examples of exercises that strengthen core?

the answer is core muscles.

Is it ok to do abdominal exercises everyday?

Yes, just don't OVER DO IT.

What is a sentence using the word toning?

These exercises are toning my abdominal muscles.

How do you grow abs quickly?

Stomach crunches are the best exercises for abdominal muscles.

How exercise ventral muscal?

To exercise ventral muscles, perform abdominal exercises.

What are some good exercises for mid-section fat burning?

Crunches, abdominal curls and situps are good ways to tone the muscles around your mid-section. Overall fat loss depends on a health diet and exercise regime, including these strength exercises.