What are good backpacking foods?

For lightweight food, use food that only requires adding boiling water such as freeze-dried meals (I like Mountain House brand the best!), instant potatoes, couscous, instant rice, instant oatmeal, and granola. This requires less fuel for cooking and can be made and eaten in a ziplock freezer bag so there are no dishes to clean--just zip the bag closed when you're done and pack it out. I like to drink apple cider mix or Stephen's Gourmet Citrus & Spice Wassail because they are good either hot or cold.

For eating while hiking, I like Clif Bars, Corn Nuts, Jerky, M&Ms, etc.

If I am hiking all day and need to keep my energy up, I will eat Hammer Gel during the first hour and any time I need an energy boost. Then I drink a serving of Hammer Perpetuem with one quart of water over the course of an hour or two (I add powered Gatorade Propel to the Perpetuem for flavoring). I will drink three or four servings of Perpetuem over the course of a day. I eat Clif Bars for my lunch. This keeps me going all day.