What are good backpacking foods?

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For lightweight food, use food that only requires adding boiling water such as freeze-dried meals (I like Mountain House brand the best!), instant potatoes, couscous, instant rice, instant oatmeal, and granola. This requires less fuel for cooking and can be made and eaten in a ziplock freezer bag so there are no dishes to clean--just zip the bag closed when you're done and pack it out. I like to drink apple cider mix or Stephen's Gourmet Citrus & Spice Wassail because they are good either hot or cold.

For eating while hiking, I like Clif Bars, Corn Nuts, Jerky, M&Ms, etc.

If I am hiking all day and need to keep my energy up, I will eat Hammer Gel during the first hour and any time I need an energy boost. Then I drink a serving of Hammer Perpetuem with one quart of water over the course of an hour or two (I add powered Gatorade Propel to the Perpetuem for flavoring). I will drink three or four servings of Perpetuem over the course of a day. I eat Clif Bars for my lunch. This keeps me going all day.

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Q: What are good backpacking foods?
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Where to Buy foods for backpacking in British Columbia?

Food for backpacking? A supermarket.You don't have to pay through the nose for special foods from camping supplies, so long as it's nutritious enough to sustain you.

What are good foods to take backpacking?

The best kind of foods to take camping are dehydrated foods that are easy to pack, full of lots of preservatives and simply require water and a pot to boil over the campfire.

Can you take string cheese backpacking?

It depends on the time and place. If you are going backpacking for a longer period of time, it's probably not a good idea. Or if you are backpacking somewhere hot that's probably not a good idea too.

What good backpacking websites are there?

There aren't any really

What foods are best for camping?

Good foods for camping are foods that will not spoil on your trip (if you are camping with a cooler, this includes pretty much anything you eat at home) and foods that are easy to cook at your campsite. If you plan to cook over a fire or a simple backpacking style stove the best foods are foods that can be cooked on a grill, on a stick or in a packet of foil like hot dogs and other meat, marshmallows, baking potatoes, corn and foods that can be boiled like noodles, soups, corn, and veggies. Canned foods that just need to be heated up are good for people who are uncomfortable with cooking in a primitive kitchen. Other good camping foods are foods that don't need to be cooked at all like sandwiches, crackers, chips, and fruit. That said, you really can eat whatever you want when you go camping: the deliciousness of your camping food is restricted only by your own creativity and ability to cook in a primitive kitchen. For a backpacking trip the best foods are non-perishable foods that are lightweight, high in nutrients/calories and use a minimal amount of fuel to prepare. Foods like nuts, dried fruits, beef jerky, powdered soups, pasta, couscous, parboiled rice, and dried veggies. There is advice and good recipes for backpacking at the website in related links. The website is about hiking the Wonderland trail around Mt. Rainier but the meal planning advice works for any backpacking trip.

What has the author Thomas Winnett written?

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What frozen food can you take walking?

If you are going backpacking, I would not advise frozen foods unless you were hiking in the winter. Even then I would not advise it. Frozen foods are very heavy and when they thaw, they may leak onto your other gear and may spoil. Freeze dried foods are the best for backpacking because they are lighter and take up less space. If you are just going wallking then you will want lightweight foods that offer you energy. Snacks and such.

Where can one find travel insurance for backpacking?

The places to find travel insurance for backpacking are many and varied. A good place to start would be to try comparison sites, such as Moneysupermarket or Comparethemarket.

What is the best backpacking chat room?

Backcountry com have the highest quality gear for backpacking, and camping.

What part of speech is the word 'backpacking'?

Backpacking can be a noun or a verb (gerund). Verb: They went backpacking this weekend. Gerund/Noun: Backpacking is a fun activity to do as a family. I'm not sure if it is used as a participle or not. (Because ending in -ing and everything.)

Good backpacking recipes just wondering if anyone out there had some good backpacking recipes stuff that can be made on the trail or made before hand and brought along?

you can make damper, which is a type of bread, and you can cook it on the fire, and all you have to do is add flour and water together to get it.

Do you have to camp at a campsite when backpacking?


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