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There are so many issues, a "few" are:

  • global warming and pollution,
  • gun legislation,
  • stereotyping and bigotry,
  • money in politics,
  • how music is distributed and internet piracy of copyrighted materials,
  • why whole colonies of bees are dying world-wide,
  • how we would go about weaning ourselves from dependency on fossil fuels,
  • animal species extinctions that will hurt humans and how,
  • availability of health care in the US compared to other nations,
  • oil spill clean up technology,
  • role and effects of comedians on current events, e.g., Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert
  • the role of religious fanatics and zealots in wars in history,
  • having too much data to analyze, utilize, and share,
  • job loses and robotics in manufacturing,
  • space exploration today compared to the Kennedy era,
  • job moves to off shore manufacturing,
  • corporate influences and lobbying in Washington,
  • hatred and intolerance,
  • a citizen's role in local and national government,
  • how a president is elected,
  • the good and bad impacts of so many cameras in public places,
  • school safety,
  • corporations being considered people,
  • ethics and tax avoidance,
  • comparisons of the scale of pay for athletes vs teachers, scientists, police, etc. compared to their values to society,
  • why we need a government,
  • legalization of marijuana,
  • bullying,
  • what happened to common etiquette,
  • whether we are our brother's keepers vs the "me mentality",
  • impacts of new flu viruses,
  • evaluations of the quality of homeschooling,
  • evaluating public teacher performance - teaching to the tests,
  • human trafficking,
  • the rise in autism spectrum cases - causes, better diagnostics vs. actual increases in cases,
  • the loss of integrity in business,
  • teen pregnancy and abstinence,
  • what patriotism is today, was yesterday, and what it should be,
  • impacts of the aging of the population,
  • the impact of low pay on the quality of teachers,
  • how much the US spends on defense compared to other nations,
  • mass murders and mental health,
  • sex education in schools,
  • how much President Obama has "spent" compared to other presidents and on what,
  • student loans and interest rates,
  • hydroponic gardening for foods,
  • genetic engineering in the food industry,
  • rises in college tuition costs,
  • if water conservation is needed,
  • profit margins of large chain retailers like Walmart,
  • tar sands oil and pipelines,
  • profits in health care,
  • gerrymandering voting districts,
  • what really was the intent of the forefathers and Constitution,
  • how the US compares to the rest of the world in technology,
  • why we need more scientists,
  • food quality,
  • pop star impacts on the different generations,
  • tattoos, piercings and body modifications/mutilations,
  • the effects of a lack of the arts in schools,
  • positive and negative impacts of sports in schools,
  • the dumbing down of America,
  • crumbling infrastructure in the US,
  • if welfare recipients are all lazy drug users or if that is a myth,
  • overcrowding in prisons,
  • effects of contemporary music on issues today and in history,
  • private prisons,
  • school voucher programs,
  • fashion costs, student fashion snobs and fashion peer pressure,
  • hunger in America and the world,
  • malaria deaths and prevention,
  • AIDS today compared to yesterday,
  • the contemporary role of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts,
  • if each generation gets bigger and taller and why,
  • subliminal messages in advertizing,
  • tobacco companies marketing to children in Indonesia,
  • control of the media by the 2%,
  • Wall Street crime and punishment,
  • scams across the world,
  • computer hacking and viruses,
  • encouraging more teen entrepreneurs,
  • relationship of Video Games and violent behavior,
  • super storms today compared to the past,
  • what ever happened to objective journalism - media slanting,
  • government role in news - if we still have a free press today, did we ever,
  • news vs. entertainment,
  • how stereotypes affect our lives,
  • methods to promote more science education and scientists,
  • role of paper books today and future,
  • texting and driving solutions,
  • public mass transportation,
  • building codes and increasing natural disasters,
  • comparison of poetry in history and today's rap,
  • Indian Premier league - is it sports or gambling,
  • democracy in the Middle East,
  • effects of mass media,
  • if globalization is good or bad,
  • use of drones in the war on terror,
  • how do corporations pay no taxes,
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Q: What are good contemporary issues to write a research paper on?
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