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There are some really good scary stories on this site: some other person:i would say make up your own but in the end like wait for a couple of seconds then scare them with a loud "BOOO"

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A good scary story?

Point Horror is a good series of horror stories.

What are the aspects of horror?

To give you a good scare and to make you scared at night

Horror movies with good friends in it?

it always ends up that someone dies so dont have good friends in horror movies

What is a good town to set a horror story?

Any town is good for a horror story. The best horror stories are the ones set in ordinary looking places!

What is the scoop on horror stories?

I'm not sure what you're looking for here. Are you wanting some good horror stories to read, or are you asking how to write horror stories? Or something else entirely?Check out the related questions to see if that's what you want.

Why are horror movies scary and suspenseful movies able to freighten me so much?

Horror movies scare you and suspense movies frighten you because that's what they're meant to do. If a horror movie doesn't scare people, then the director didn't do a very good job. Blood, gore, screaming, and axes are scary to most people in the context of a story about a crazed killer.

What is a good twist on a horror book?

Totally twisted short horror stories by free g found at barnes and noble , amazon and xlibris online and very cheap

What gothic horror stories are there?

My favorites are from the famous author Clark Ashton Smith. You can find many of his short stories at Of course you can always do a search for gothic horror stories and various sites will show up with all kinds of gloom and doom - some good and some bad.

Where can you find good horror stories online?

You might try these links.You can also check out the library or a book store and look for anthologies - those are books of short stories.

What would be a good science fair project about horror movies?

to see if they are still scary without the movies and if the amount of blood factors in with the scare factor

What are the characteristics of horror films?

a GOOD horror film will be full of suspense, whilst watching it you should have sweaty palms because you are constantly ready for something to pop out and scare you, it doesnt always have to contain any gore at all, horror films are really what you make of them, but generally they will be... well... scary.

Where can one read Ouija Board stories?

There are many various places where one can read stories about ouija boards. One good place would be the paranormal board of 4chan. Another good place would be horror stories on the AnotherNet website. A third good place would be the OuijaBoardTales website.

What are some funny scare pranks?

A good scary prank to pull on your friends is by applying an electric shock hand buzzer to yourself, which is guaranteed to scare the person you pranked the first time.

What defines a Horror film?

A horror film is driven by a villain (mortal, supernatural or otherwise) that kills/stalks the cast. Vampire films, zombie films and monster films are by definition horror films. Horror films are intended to scare the audience, make them feel uncomfortable and shine a light on the darker more perverse side of society. They air a good no. of horror movies on HBO. YOu can watch it and know the true meaning of a horror movie for sure. It surely is a kickass experience.horror films are very very scary well supposed 2 be scary okii ask me enyfink elseA movie that contains elements in which the intent is to give the viewer a startle, scare, fear, or a feeling of anxiety.

What words are good for a horror story?

You may use any words you wish when writing. There is no special list of words for different kinds of stories.

What is a good topic for a horror movie?

Well a good topic for a horror movie is either having a mysterious murder kill some important people and some of your friends or having a mysterious creature that comes from eat a bunch of towns.

Is creepypasta the secret of minecraft real?

All creepy pasta stories are false, made up just for a good scare and in some cases based on real life experiences/stories. Minecraft's creepypastas are no different.

How do you write a good scary or horror story?

Well, Make sure you have a good setting, if you don't start off mysterious than it won't end very well. Some horror stories start out calm and get mysterious. I am reading a horror story by R.L. Stine, When the author writes a story, he does a lot of rewriting and editing. Make sure you do that when you write a story.

What are some good night games for camp?

telling stories, sharing experiences of your schools, friends etc...

What are good horror movies for Tweens to watch?

A good horror movie for a tween to watch is Frankinweenie.

Are horror movies good movies to watch?

It all depends on preference, and you have to find a good horror movie to watch. Personally I'm not a fan of them, but there's a few amazing horror movies that I do enjoy watching. I recommend Paranormal activity and Oculus. You just have to find the right movie some horror movies have great stories behind them, and some are just all blood and violence.

What is Good Horror movie title?

That all depends on what the horror movie is about.

Anyone know a good horror story?

Edgar Allan Poe wrote several good horror stories. Some of the titles are Pit And The Pendulum, House of Usher, The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart, etc. Also Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is a famous book. And Dracula by Bram Stoker is a very entertaining book. Most of the stories I have just mentioned have been made into popular movies.

What is the opposite of scare?

surprise. surprise-good feelings, scare-bad feelings

What is a good way of explaining the Life and Times of Jesus?

Talk about his life, miricles, stories, his friends/enemies,etc