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Club Penguin is a very safe virtual game.

Fantage is an educational and fun virtual game.

Tots is for more of a younger age but can be played by older kids.


is a safe and fun virtual world. (This virtual world involves killing evil cogs what are robots).

Barbie Girlz is a girls virtual world.

If doesn't, try typing kids virtual worlds in to Google.

I recomened xivio its very safe.You can get banned for swearing and other bad behavior.I think the age groups are 8-13 so lots of age groups avaible 6 and 7 year olds are welcome but there is somethings they might not understand.

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Are virtual worlds bad for kids?

Virtual worlds are NOT bad for kids! The people that interact with your child are probably bad. Some are good, some are bad, but virtual worlds are not bad! Virtual worlds are created by people that want your children, teenagers, and adults to have fun when they are bored, or at any time! Their are many virtual worlds, so don't worry about not finding the one that fits you! Good luck! :) - Sally

What are some good virtual worlds for kids under 13?

moshi!cbbc!and gogirlgames!

Virtual worlds with avatars for kids?


What are some virtual vampire worlds for kids?

Zombie Dooks, Vampire Virtual

What are some free virtual worlds for kids?,,,, and are all good Web sites for kids.

What are some good Virtual worlds for kids age 11?

whyville,webkinz,stardoll,and moviestarplanet and more...

Are there any mermaid virtual worlds for kids?


Virtual worlds for kids?

There are lots of virtual worlds for kids. :club penguin,barbie.comwooz worldbritchicksmiss bimbostardollrunescapeourworldzwinky

Any virtual worlds for kids?

Here are some good virtual worlds you might enjoy! Hope i helped.

What is a safe virtual worlds for kids?

Try, its a free 3D virtual world. Safe for kids! No download too!

Are there any good virtual worlds for kids 13?

Club Penguin, Poptropica, Neopets... Go and play with your friends.

What are cool virtual worlds for kids?

a place like poptropica!

Is there good virtual worlds for kids 8-12?

yes there is animal jam, club penguin and moshi monsters.

What are good virtual worlds to get a job?


What are some sweet virtual worlds for kids?

club penguin, webkinz and toontown are awesome websites for kids

What are the best kids virtual worlds?

club penguin is the best! also there is panfu

What are some virtual kids worlds with no email needed and no down loading?


What are cool fun virtual worlds for kids?

the best are club penguin and webkinz:)

Are there any good virtual worlds for teens?

Is there any virtual world for kids?

There is a lot of virtual worlds online pixiehollow, toontown, clubpenguin, and lots of other stuff

Good virtual online worlds?

ONVERSE!it is the best virtual world sign up here

Fun safe virtual worlds for kids?

* Meez * Stardoll * Teen.secondlife * Frenzoo * Missbimbo

What are some virtual kids worlds with no email addresseses needed?

Poptropica...its very fun.Enjoy!

What are some virtual worlds for kids at the age of 10?

Are there any good virtual worlds you can get pregnant on?

Meez too :)