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You should see a doctor.

2006-08-08 22:33:27
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Will Carly and Freddie become a couple?

yes they will become a couple

When does Neji and Tenten become a couple?

They is no evidence that these two become a couple in the show.

In the latest buzz do wilder and Amanda become a couple?

Yes they were in love after noah and rebecca become a couple

When do Hinata and naruto become a couple?

They're not a couple, as of the latest manga update.

Someone spread Zidane X Aerith please?

Perfect couple! So cute together! I'm working on spreading it!

Do Renji and Rukia become a couple?


Does chase and zoey become a couple?

yes they do

When you become husband and wife what is it called?


Does tori vega and robbie become a couple?


Will Natsume and Mikan become a couple?

yes they will.

When do Courtney and Duncan become a couple in total drama episode?

I believe that they become an official couple in the Total Drama Island episode "Basic Straining", after they kiss.

Will Percy and Rachel become a couple?

As Rachel is the Oracle and she cannot date anyone, and Percy is dating Annabeth, Rachel and Percy do not become a couple in the Last Olympian.

What is the manga chapter in fruits basket when Kisa and Hiro become a couple?

Unfortunately, there is no manga chapter in Fruits Basket where Kisa and Hiro officially become a couple.

Will puckleberry become a couple again on glee?


Are Selena and Beckendorf a couple in Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

Yes, Selena and Beckendorf become a couple in the fifth book.

Does pregnancy distance the couple involved?

This totally depends on the couple. some become distant, many grow closer.

Where is the TV show The Odd Couple located?

New York

When did Synyster Gates and Michelle become a couple?

when my life ended.

How long does it take to become a mediator?

Couple of months I think

When did usher become a Muslim?

i couple of months ago :D

Will Percy and annabeth become a couple in the final book?


When a couple marries does property become owned by both?


How they become a group of one direction?

They were a gay couple into Polygamy.

In the Maximum Ride series does any one become a couple in the flock?

No one in the flock has become a true couple yet, but max and fang are starting to realize their feelings for each other.

Where are the ears of crickets located?

a crickets ears are located in its body at the end and it only has a couple of ears, not a mill