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Lexus RX500h, Ford Escape, Honda CR-Z, Toyota Camry, Honda Insight, the Toyota Highlander hybrid, Honda Civic hybrid, Chevrolet Silverado hybrid, GMC Yukon hybrid, and GMC Sierra hybrid. See the sources and related links below.

The Chevy Volt will soon be here. Should give the Prius a run for its money both in terms of max efficiency (MPGs) and also price (Around $30k after the big government credit). Finally a decent alternative to the Prius, since everyone knows the Honda Insight is mostly rubbish compared to the Prius (fit and finish, driving dynamics, efficiency, etc.)

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Q: What are other Hybrid Cars besides the Toyota Prius?
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Hybrid Toyota?

Toyota is a huge name in the hybrid car industry mostly due to the fact that the Toyota Prius remains the world's top selling hybrid car. However, Toyota has two other impressive hybrid models. On highways, the Toyota Camry Hybrid gets 34 miles to the gallon and manages to slash the emissions of a regular car by 70%. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV gets 28 miles to the gallon on highways as well as in cities.

Which hybrid trucks offer the best gas mileage?

I would go with the Prius Hybrid from Toyota. From what my friends have said, it is a great car as well as good gas mileage. If not, all other hybrid cars are great as well.

Where can I buy an electric vehicle in Nebraska?

If you mean an electric-only car, probably the Prius is what you're looking for. Performance Toyota of Lincoln advertises that they carry the Prius, and there are many other Toyota dealers throughout the state that could always order one if they had none in stock. As for hybrid cars, combination gas/electric, there are many options. Old Mill Toyota of Omaha carries the Prius and Camry hybrid, Rusty Eck Omaha Ford offers the Ford Escape Hybrid, an SUV, and if a full-size pickup hybrid is more your taste there is the GMC Sierra hybrid, available at Plaza Pontiac, Buick and GMC, located in Omaha.

Are Toyotas hybrids?

Some are, some are not. The Prius is a hybrid only model, but other model Toyota's come in hybrid and non-hybrid configurations.

How long is a hybrids battery life?

The battery life of a hybrid (for instance, a Toyota Prius) is warrantied for up to 8 years. Engineers say the average life is actually longer than that. Other hybrid models have similar claims.

What type of acceleration pedal does the Toyota Prius have?

I have an 05 Prius and the pedal looks just like any other pedal I have seen on cars.

How does the Toyota Yaris compare to other Toyota cars?

The Toyota Yaris is priced lower than the other Toyota cars. The L Hatchbach is about $1700 lower than the Corolla L Sedan. The fuel economy is also better than the Corolla. The hybrid Prius rates higher for fuel economy, as it gets 21 more MPG in the city and 12 more MPG on the highway.

What are some hybrid cars?

There are numerous hybrid vehicles on the market. These models are defined as having both a gasoline engine and an electric motor. They also make use of regenerative braking to help store energy in the hybrid battery pack.Hybrid vehicles from Toyota include its Priusline and the Toyota Camry Hybridand Toyota Avalon Hybrid. In addition, its luxury Lexus line features five models: the CT Hybrid, RX Hybrid, LS Hybrid, ES Hybrid and GS Hybrid.Ford currently sells the Ford CMAX and Ford Fusion Hybrid. Its luxury Lincoln line has the MKZ Hybrid.Honda has the CR-Zand Insight. GM sells a hybrid Chevrolet Silveradopickup truck and hybrid versions of the Chevrolet Silverado,Buick LaCrosseand Chevrolet Volt.Other hybrids include the FiskerKarma, Volkswagen JettaHybrid and models from Acura,Mercedes-Benzand BMW.

That the government should offer more incentives for people to buy hybrid and other fuel-efficient vehicles?

The US government does offer rebates for the purchase of hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius. Its called the Fuel Efficient Vehicle Tax Incentive and you can found out more about it when you have your taxes done.

Why are there so many used late model Toyota Prius' on the market but hardly any other used hybrids?

Probably because the Prius was the first hybrid produced that was more than a 2 passenger vehicle. Also it was a few years before anyone else made a vehicle to compete with it, so therefore there are many more of them on the road and the Prius is the only hybrid that will have 3-4 year old vehicles around. And 3-4 years is the age when a lot of people trade vehicles in on new ones.

Hybrid Cars?

As gasoline prices soar, hybrid cars are growing in popularity among drivers. Their gas mileage surpasses that of conventional cars. Hybrid cars run on two or more sources for power. Many hybrid cars that are available to consumers run on an electricity and gasoline. The Toyota Prius is a consistently high-rated and best-selling hybrid vehicle. Priuses, in fact, are now available in other models besides sedans. However, many car models are now available as hybrids. Hyundai, Lexus, Infiniti, Kia, Fisher and Volkswagen are just some brands that now offer hybrid vehicles. They are sold at dealerships alongside the conventional vehicles.

What is the plural of Prius?

The plural of Prius is Prii. Toyota held a poll on a facebook game called Car Town, and they asked the users what the plural should be, and when the votes were counted, the plural of Prius became Prii. Other options were: Prius itself, Priuses, Prien, or Prium

What do you recommended in Prius hybrid?

I recommend the Prius hybrid because you get the benefit of the good mileage without having to do anything unusual. Sure, there are driving tips to help you get even better mileage, but basically - it's just like any other car. AND, it's very spacious and comfortable.

Where can I find reviews online for the toyota prius?

Reviews for the Toyota Prius can be found on any car site. The manufacturer's site would be one place to check. Other places like an auto trader would be another good place.

Where to buy a hybrid van in Oregon?

Toyota sell the Toyota Sienna in the hybrid model. There are also other vans available that are fuel efficient or electric. It is best to discuss this with a dealership that sells the van models you are interested in.

How does hybrid electricity work?

there is no such thing as "hybrid electricity" per se. electricity is just electricity and that's it. a hybrid vehicle uses both electrical and some other form of power to work.... in a hybrid car, both internal combustion and electrical power are used. most commonly, the small gas engine is just a generator that generates power for the vehicle's batteries like in a Toyota prius. some hybrid vehicles have both the power to run off of the gas generator and a source of electricity, like a home electrical plug. there are also many other types of hybrid vehicles both as concepts and in production. -R. Mesyef

Will any other motor fit in a 1994 Toyota tercel besides a 1.5L?

any other automatic transmission fit in a 1991 Toyota tercel1.5l?

Where should I go to rent a hybrid car?

The major rental car companies now offer hybrids for rent at locations all over the United States, as well in many other countries. Companies like Budget rent out the Toyota Prius, and Avis rents Smart Cars.

What is the most popular car today?

Prius But that is quite an expensive car, though it can run on petrol or the electricity stored in its batteries. A more likely candidate is a Ford, particularly the Fiesta. If sales is an indication of popularity, which it for sure is, then the Toyota Camry is the most popular car in the U.S. as it sells more than anyone else and has since 2002. The Toyota Prius, as mentioned above, does not even rate in the top 10 but is the best selling Hybrid. The Honda Accord is the most popular as of April 2013 and is outselling the Toyota Camry but the year is not over. The most popular car in the entire world is the Toyota Corolla which outsells every other model.

What is the maximum seating capacity for 2013 Prius?

In India Toyota Prius is available in two variants such as Z6 and Z5. Maximum seating capacity for both the variant is 5. Know its other features, technical details and price

Does the Toyota Prius car have a lot of storage room?

The Toyota Prius offers 21.6 cubic feet (or 0.61 cubic meters - 610 litres) of storage room, compared to a similar car in the same class (the Ford C-Max) that has 24.5 cubic feet (0.69 cubic meters - 690 litres) the Prius is the smaller one. However, since taxi companies around the world use Toyota Prius the storage room is definitely sufficient for a business where you need to be able to load lots of bags/other goods into your car.

Is cars hybrid the same as hybrid cars?

Not necessarily. The term hybrid simply means a mix of more than one thing. The phrase hybrid car means a car that includes other engine technology besides just an internal combustion engine.

How much is a new Toyota Highlander?

The Brand New 2011 Toyota Highlander starts at $28,090 for the standard model. the four other models of the Highlander include the SE at $32, 695, the Limited at $35,595, the Hybrid at $38,140, and the Hybrid Limited at $43,795.

How is a Toyota Prius a better choice than other electric smart cars?

Prius boasts the highest gas mileage out of any of the other smart cars. I would contact someone in customer service with any questions. They should be able to assist you and point you in the right direction.

What are some of the most popular new models offered at Toyota dealers?

The most popular new models are the 2011 Toyota Avalon and the 2011 Toyota Camry. Other hot ones include the 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid and 2011 Toyota Sienna