What are penpals?

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Literally; A person with whom one regularly exchanges letters,emails or online messages , often a person in another country.You can try websites like interpals,penpalworld or penpaland

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Q: What are penpals?
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What is a good website to get penpals for kids that you can email?

studentsoftheworld is a really good site for kids to have penpals.

When was penpals big?

When there was no internet. :)

What is the purpose of Forces Penpals?

Forces Penpals is a military dating and penpals site that also doubles as a social networking site. It is used to boost morale in Afghanistan and other countries that UK soldiers are working in.

What actors and actresses appeared in Penpals - 2012?

The cast of Penpals - 2012 includes: Brooke Banning as Princess Lulu Victor Pereira as Marvin

Why would you use web cams in school?

For penpals

Where can you find penpals in Greenland?

Go to a site called Fusion 101, they have penpals from all over the world. A great site for making new friends and even for singles to date, it is free too.

Can you get pen pals from different countries?

Sure! It really is the most common penpals.

How can you find a penpal in Kenya?

How do i get a pen pal who is a soldier?

There are several websites that come up if you search for military penpals. Requirements and commitments vary. For example, soldiersangels asks for weekly letters and periodic care packages. There is also a facebook connection for military penpals.

How can you find a British pen-pal? You can get penpals from all over the world including Britain

How can you get a pan pal?

There are several websites now that can connect you with penpals--for teens, kids, inmates, etc.

How do you say pen pals in Spanish?

penpals = amigos por carta hola, mi nombre es Ana

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