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What are penpals?

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Literally; A person with whom one regularly exchanges letters,emails or online messages , often a person in another country.You can try websites like interpals,penpalworld or penpaland

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What is a good website to get penpals for kids that you can email?

studentsoftheworld is a really good site for kids to have penpals.

When was penpals big?

When there was no internet. :)

What actors and actresses appeared in Penpals - 2012?

The cast of Penpals - 2012 includes: Brooke Banning as Princess Lulu Victor Pereira as Marvin

Why would you use web cams in school?

For penpals

Where can you find penpals in Greenland?

Go to a site called Fusion 101, they have penpals from all over the world. A great site for making new friends and even for singles to date, it is free too.

Can you get pen pals from different countries?

Sure! It really is the most common penpals.

How can you find a penpal in Kenya?

How do i get a pen pal who is a soldier?

There are several websites that come up if you search for military penpals. Requirements and commitments vary. For example, soldiersangels asks for weekly letters and periodic care packages. There is also a facebook connection for military penpals.

How l can create an account on globle penpals?

i need an account to meet new friends on

How can you get a pan pal?

There are several websites now that can connect you with penpals--for teens, kids, inmates, etc.

How can you find a British pen-pal? You can get penpals from all over the world including Britain

How do you say pen pals in Spanish?

penpals = amigos por carta hola, mi nombre es Ana

How do you get a penpal?

You can become PenPals with a friend's friend that lives far away, like China. You can email back and forth. WHERE EXACTLY?!?!?!

How do you find somebody in Korea?

If you go to and create an account, you can do a search for people in Korea. Or if you do a Google search for Korean Penpals, you can find them that way.

Does Taylor Lautner have pen pals?

Yes Taylor LAutner has penpals. You should go onto a website called and it will come up with his fanmail address.

Where can you find penpals for kids?

I am 12 and I found mine at You should try googleing it!!!You can get pan pals for all ages 8-80 from al around the world...and its FREE!!!

Where can you find Christian penpals?

You can find Christian pen pals online at the website Christian Pen Pals. The website allows you the ability to sign up to become a pen pal as well as select from a wide selection of Christian's around the world looking for pen pals themselves.

How do you make penpals?

Well first, you can find a website bit that is not always easy. You can get an app, for instance i usedwords with friends, or try some other app. Use facebook or twitter. Ask your 'rents. Find people who are willing to have friends. Ask a school coucier and see if theey have any ideas.

What is wooz world?

Woozworld is a virtual world where kids of all ages can play together and just chat. I'm Selenapurple16 i call woozworld a place wherte u can get "penpals" bcuz u don no where these people live!! Add me, text me for help k? Love ya woozworld! Purple

Is there a 100 percent free penpals dating site in Pakistan?

There are quite a number of websites that offer pen pal or dating services in Pakistan. However, most of them will require some form of payment at one point or another. New services are always coming up and you can be sure to find one that is free.

Are there any Quaker pen pal sites?

I am unsure whether there are any Quaker Penpal sites. I do enjoy a good porridge in the morning myself you know. Perhaps we can be Penpals, as I do not think that writing to oats would be a very interesting thing to do. Have fun now dear, From your Penpal Susan I have experience with writing to oats and they say some nasty things.

How do you say goodbye to a friend?

Possibly exchange something that is special to each of you, maybe write a heartfelt letter, try to keep in touch and possibly visit one another in the future. Don't make it a goodbye make it more of we will see each other again and make a pact to try and stay in touch - become penpals writing letters, emailing, texting etc.

How do you get a boy to like you at the age of ten?

I'm not so sure but i think you've got to hang round the mall by your self and when you see the perfect boy trip him in a casual way. Help him up and offer him so food and drink. talk to him and become penpals. compliment him a lot. Stay sassy and cool if hes older than you. If he is make sure he isn't too much older or he'll be turned off.

What is the definition of mail order brides?

There are agencies that are in the business of introducing and bringing together men and women from different countries. Some are just for dating or penpals. If these unions are for the ultimate purpose of marriage, the women are sometimes called "mail-order brides." Some people may be honestly looking for a spouse of a specific nationality or ethnic group. In many cases, women will want to wed husbands in the United States so they can come to America.

Was Abraham Lincoln a pedophile?

Yes he was a ped. For example he was penpals with a 11 year old girl, Grace Bedell, whom he eventually met in person. Like the internet predators of today. Pretended to be her friend. Then lured her into a meeting.