What are people from Kuwait called?

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What are the people of Kuwait called?


What was the country of Kuwait called before it was Kuwait?

Before Kuwait was called Kuwait it was called kout

Is the capital city of Kuwait called TehranBaghdad or Kuwait?

Kuwait City

Is the capital city of Kuwait called Tehran Baghdad or Kuwait?

The capital city of Kuwait is Kuwait City

Is the capital city of Kuwait called TehranBadhdad or Kuwait?

Kuwait City is the capital and largest city of Kuwait.

Is the capital city of Kuwait called tehran Baghdad and Kuwait?

Kuwait City is the capital and largest city of Kuwait.

How many people live in Kuwait?

the people live in Kuwait are 754,965

How many people in Kuwait?

As of 2013 there are an estimated 2,695,316 people living in Kuwait.

Are people called Arabs in Kuwait?

Yes exept for those that carry out the cheap labor.

How many people died in Kuwait?

wat do you mean how many people died in kuwait??

What do the people believe in Kuwait?

The people in Kuwait are mostly Islamic and follow that belief system

Does Kuwait have a railway system?

Yes. It is called the Kuwait Rapid Transit System.

Are Kuwait people rich or poor?

Rich, Kuwait is a developed country

What can Kuwait do to Iraq?

They can freking blow it up and screw the people of Kuwait

How did Kuwait become a country?

a group of people called "Al Outob" were in KSA the moved to Qatar for learning fishing,making boats etc... then they came to kuwait... its a long story!

What is someone from Kuwait called?


What isThe name of capital city of Kuwait?

It is just called Kuwait city. Not inventive at all !

What is the old name of Kuwait?

Kuwait was called "koot" or "al-koot" many years ago

Where do most people live in Kuwait?

Most live in Kuwait City Does this help? :-) -Dain

What is the relative location of Kuwait?

The relative location of Kuwait, officially the State of Kuwait, is 29.3667 degrees N, 47.9667 degrees E. The population of Kuwait is 3.25 million people.

How many people live inside of Kuwait capital?

It was estimated that 32,500 people live in Kuwait city (capital), in 2005.

How many people have aids in Kuwait?

1000 people.

What is their money called in Kuwait?

its call keler

Which country is called pearl of gulf?


What is the courrency of Kuwait?

Their money is called 'dinars'.

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