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They could be called "fighter pilots." Pilots who won lots of dogfights in the air are commonly called "Aces."

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Q: What are pilots called who fly planes into combat?
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Do Vietnamese pilots know how to fly planes?

If they are pilots they should. ;)

What can you do with a pilots license?

You can fly planes with it, retard.

Do all Vietnamese pilots know how to fly planes?

Some know how to fly planes because they are finished training but others have to go to flight school because they are new. Lots of pilots know how fly planes but others will learn how to fly.

What do pilots do in there job?

fly planes i would of thought....

What are facts on planes?

Airlines are always late with their planes. Airplanes fly not by air, but by $$$ money. Pilots do not get paid enough to fly planes. Airplane fuel is to expensive.

What types of planes do pilots fly?

i dont know ask a pilot

What are the people that fly the airplane?

They are called, "Pilots".

Do women in war fly helicopters in combat?

There are several military forces around the world which have had female combat pilots.

How do navy pilots contribute to society?

Navy pilots fly in combat or on recon missions. They protect our country and help our allies.

Are jet plane engineers taught to fly jet planes?

Not as a rule, although many are pilots.

What bad weather do pilots fly through?

Pilots fly through all kinds of bad weather. The most serious would be lines of thunderstorms. Small planes should land; jets can fly around the storm.

Did Soviet pilots fly for the N Vietnamese air force and engage US pilots in air to air combat?

It isn't known for certain, however the Soviets did supply the planes and provided training to VC air forces. Some US pilots did contend the air-to-air techniques and precision were indicative of Soviet pilots. It isn't known for certain, however the Soviets did supply the planes and provided training to VC air forces. Some US pilots did contend the air-to-air techniques and precision were indicative of Soviet pilots.

What planes were used in 1955 for pilot training?

Whatever plane was available for operation, or the plane that the pilots were assigned to fly.

What is the difference between a corporate and commercial and an airline pilot?

Commercial pilots are any pilots that fly for to earn money, as opposed to military pilots or pilots that fly for the fun of it. Commercial pilots would include both Corporate pilots and Airline pilots. Corporate pilots fly for a specific company, flying the companies airplanes. As an example GM, Ford and other big companies have their own planes to fly groups around the country or the world. It is often more cost effective then buying commercial airline tickets. Airline pilots fly for airlines and are usually required to be members of a union. Another type of commercial pilot are those that fly for Cargo companies, such as FedEx or UPS.

Why cant planes fly lower than the stratosphere?

Planes can fly fifty feet off the ground if they need to. Commercial airliners fly in the stratosphere for two reasons: there's very little general aviation traffic up there (and most of the GA guys with planes who can fly that high are good pilots), and the plane is more efficient at that altitude.

What is a tuskagee pilot?

The Tuskegee Airmen were a group of African American pilots among the first to be allowed to fly planes for the US.

Were women allowed to fly fighter planes during World War 2?

Not really, women were nurses not pilots during ww2

Can planes fly?

Of course, planes can fly.

What layer in the atmosphere do pilots prefer to fly in?

Airlines prefer to fly in the troposphere and spy planes or supersonic jets fly in the stratosphere. And also so they can avoid storms. they fly in the stratosphere because it contains the jet stream

What planes did the RAF pilots fly in World War 2?

"Spitfires" were the main "fighter" planes. "Hurricanes" were important too, particularly during the "Battle of Britain". There were several other fighter planes too. There were also several types of "bombers" and other planes.

What are the fancy planes in Alaska that take off on water?

Float plane. Bush pilots can fly either standard landing gear or floats.

Why are pilots so important?

Pilots who fly the airline planes are very important because they provide a faster (and overall more efficient) form of transportation. Military pilots are important because they protect our borders. Cargo pilots are important because they transport our mail and other goods in a chaper and faster way.

Is Taylor gang a real gang?

Yes Taylor gang is a mafia like sydicate made up of pilots who are known to fly paper planes.

How do piolets and aero planes know where to fly?

Large airlines and most small planes use GPS technology to fly to their destinations. They set the autopilot and off they go. Some small airplanes use maps and what is called "dead reconning" along with a compass. Some small plane pilots just follow known highways and follow these to their destination.

Why are planes called Boeing?

Boeing Airlines, Inc is the name of the company that manufactures many of the planes that fly today.