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What are pliers made of?

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Pliers are made of steel. There are plastic pliers for children too.

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What is pliers made of?


Are pliers a conductor or insulator of heat?

Pliers are made of steel and as such will conduct heat -and electricity! However pliers whose handles are covered with rubber or plastic sleeves will be insulated against heat.

What are the different kinds of pliers?

There are electricians straight pliers, wiring pliers, long nose pliers, angled long nose pliers, side cutting pliers, parallel jaw pliers, locking pliers, aircraft twist locking pliers, channel lock pliers, oil wrench pliers, water pump pliers and fencing pliers. -I have each of these and I'm sure there are many more kinds.

What are electricians pliers made of?

Steel with rubber insulated handles

Meaning of channel-lock pliers?

Tongue in groover type pliers made by the Channel Lock Inc tool company of USA.

What are the common types of pliers used in automobiles?

Electrician's pliers, long nose pliers, brake pliers and snap ring (or circlip) pliers.

What material of long nose plier?

Long nose pliers are made out of steel.

What type of metal are used to manufacture pliers?

Most pliers would be made of tool-grade steel, an alloy that's stronger than general construction steel.

What are metal pliers made of?

Depends on the specific pliers. Good ones will typically be made out of a high carbon grade steel and heat forged to make it stronger than typical metals that one would want to cut.

What is the long nose pliers?

They are pliers with a long pointed nose, which allows the pliers to reach further than the usual stub-nosed pliers.

Is pliers a lever or pulley?

Pliers are a lever

How do you take out a tooth at home?

pliers pliers

Are pliers a lever?

yes, pliers are levers : )

What are side cutting pliers?

Side cutting pliers are not really 'pliers' - they are primarily wire cutters.

What is the function of a combination pliers in an electric circuit?

for made of electric circuit safety device,

Are Klien pliers worth the price?

yes. klien pliers along with all there tools are made with top resources. they are a great tool especially for the electrician and there at a value almost anyone can afford

What are Howe pliers used for?

Howe pliers is used in Orthodontics as a utility pliers and can be used in wirebending and banding the molars.

What is a side-cutting pliers?

This is a tool name that has different meaning in different counties. In Britain side cutting pliers are just that - flat jaw pliers that have a wire cutter on one side. -I have 2 different pairs of them. -These used to be made in USA, but apparently are not any more. American usage appears to call a simple wire cutter, side cutting pliers.

What are the release dates for Factory Made - 2008 Jellybeans Snowboards Pliers and Motorcycle Jackets 2-16?

Factory Made - 2008 Jellybeans Snowboards Pliers and Motorcycle Jackets 2-16 was released on: USA: 15 April 2010

How do you use pliers in a sentence?

"I used the pliers to cut the wire"

Are pliers a wedge and a lever?

Yes, Pliers & Wedge are levers.

Are pliers a wedge?

No, pliers are 2 levers working in together.

What are side cutter pliers?

Pliers with jaws for cutting wire.

What is the opposite of pliers?

The synonym of pliers is tongs, but the antonym is grape

What are pliers classified by?

Pliers are generally classified by their intended use.

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