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What are polygon tables in computer graphics?

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I don't know, but if you find out, tell me.

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Computer graphics specialist?

A computer graphics specialist uses planning and storyboards to create projects. They use computer graphics to make animations, tables, charts, and other designs depending on the company they work for.

Why is a computer good for graphics?

Depending on the graphics card in your computer it will state the graphics you have

What is segment table in computer graphics?

Segment tables in computer graphics includes the length of corresponding segments in main memory. Each entry in the table contains the lengths, and to see if a segment is already in main memory, a bit is usually needed.

What do you understand by computer graphics?

what do understand by computer graphics

What are the common examples of computer graphics?

computer graphics are used in games. films are also produced by computer graphics.

Define computer graphics and interactive computer graphics?

Computer Graphics- More precisely computer graphics can defined as, "use of computer to define, store, manipulate, interrogate, and present pictorial output of the data."

What are the examples of computer graphics software?

what are examples of computer graphics

What are Points and lines in computer graphics?

whait is point in computer graphics

Passive computer graphics?

Its just an another name of non - interactive graphics. Actually interactive and non - interactive graphics are a classification of computer graphics on the basis of interaction of the computer graphics system towards users.

What has the author John Vince written?

John Vince has written: 'Quaternions for computer graphics' -- subject(s): Quaternions, Mathematics, Computer graphics 'Geometric algebra' -- subject(s): Computer games, Programming, Computer animation, Algorithms, Clifford algebras 'Dictionary of computer graphics' -- subject(s): Computer graphics, Dictionaries 'Mathematics for computer graphics' -- subject(s): Mathematics, Computergraphik, Computer graphics, Mathematik

What is passive computer graphics?

Passive computer graphics are non interactive graphics. The use cannot control changes in images on the screen. In passive computer graphics include screen savers.

To display graphics a computer needs a monitor and?

A computer requires a graphics card and a monitor/screen to display its graphics.

When was Computer Graphics Metafile created?

Computer Graphics Metafile was created in 1986.

What do you mean by interactive and passive computer graphics. also explain how does an interactive computer graphics works?

passive and interactive computer graphics example

What is the Malayalam meaning of the English word graphics?

graphics means chithram in Malayalam in genaral...but if you mention computer is said as computer graphics itself.

What does computer graphics is all about?

Computer graphics is basically pictures, art, or designs made or put on a computer.

In order to display graphics a computer needs a monitor and?

In order to display graphics a computer needs a monitor and a graphics card.

What are the applications of computer graphics in GUI?

Computer graphics virtual reality cad presentation

Is computer graphics a science or an art?

Computer graphics is an art.It is consider a visual art.

What are the changes computer has brought to editing and graphics in communication?

what are the changes of computer on the editing graphics

What is graphics media accelerator?

graphics media accelerator or in other words graphics card or video card. a hardware for computer to boost up the speed of the display graphics of the computer. it also ends up the sharing of memory of the computer RAM for the display graphics. it also enables the computer to have graphics memory depending on the memory of the graphics accelerator allowint the computer to have games requiring high graphical memory.

What is a piece of hardware that displays test and graphics?

It is a computer monitor/tv but on a computer/games console, the graphics are generated by a graphics card.

Why does a computer need graphics cards?

A computer doesn't need a graphics card. All the graphics card does is display an image on a monitor.

1 Define Computer Graphics With illustration give meaning to the term Interactive in computer Graphics?

Computer Graphics:Computer Graphics is defined as the combination of various graphical elements, such as text, pictures,sound, movie etc...In digital age, interactivity is an added valuable advantage of computer Graphics.Interactivity simply means the interaction between the user with the computer.Examples for interactive graphics are web applications, Interactive presentations,and computer games.

What does Fleet Graphics specialize in doing for its clients?

Fleet Graphics designs business cards. They also design display boards, truck graphics, wall graphics. restaurant graphics, magazines, and coffee tables magazines.