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Possible valve cover gaskets are leaking oil onto the plugs and the oil is getting into the cylinder. The oil can also short the plug wire and damage the plug wire causing the check engine light to light.

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Q: What are possible causes of random misfire with check engine light in 95 Millenia when wires cap plugs rotors already replaced and vehicle still runs rough?
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What does code P0303 mean on a 2000 Millenia?

Trouble code P0303 means:Cylinder 3 misfire detected

1999 Chevy Silverado check enigine light code read Cylinder 7 misfire already replaced obvious?

Check Coli, an wires attached to coli, coli my not be getting enough juice

Why is your check engine light flashing on your 1999 Mazda millenia?

A flashing check engine light means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

1998 dodge misfire replaced plugsinjectordist cap and rotor still misfire?

check wire routing,order, or if replace is needed, after that check compression, head gasket,or crack in head.

How do you solve a PO302 code on a Jeep Liberty?

p0302 is cylinder 2 misfire, you need to fix the cause of the misfire. Possible causes are plugs, coils, injectors......

Random misfire 2001 Mazda millenia?

on the millenia missfire, check your catalytic converters it has 3 chances are one or more has fallen into pieces in the pipe where do people come up with guesses like these? random miss on a millenia is most likely electrical. definitely NOT cats. if you have a 2.5, check your ign wires, spark plugs, and ign distributor. if you have a 2.3, check plugs and coil packs

What would cause a engine light to flash on a 2002 Mazda millenia?

A flashing check engine light is usually due to a misfire. see related questions below.

Can coil pack cause cylinder number one to misfire?

what are the possible causes of misfire on number one cylinder in a dodge 2003 ram 4.7 liter engine

What would cause 2000 Chev Astrovan to run rough all rpms analyzer says misfire on 2 cylinders minor misfire on others already replaced all plugs plug wires injectors?

check for low fuel pressure (its critical) with guage on schraeder valve on fuel pipe on rear of engine in cab drivers side , should be around 55psi

You have check engine light flashing at 45 mph it says misfire 4 you have replaced plugwire and coil packinjecter what could it still be?

possible it could be the cam shaft position sensor or it could be the control module in the distributor.

What would make a 2000 Millenia read codes of misfire and fuel trim the check engine light flashes and the car hesitates?

its most likely the air by pass valves and some coils that need to be changed.

What causes the engine to misfire on a 1994 Honda Passport V6?

There are a few things that can cause a misfire in a car. Some of these would be oil in the fuel system, spark plugs going bad, or spark plug cables needed to be adjusted or replaced.

Why is your 2003 dodge ram 1500 van 3.9L engine giving you a misfire in the 3 cylinder even after a tuneup?

Were the spark plug wires replaced? Even a pinhole in a plug wire can leak enough spark to cause a misfire. Try swapping that wire with another similar length wire from another plug and see where the misfire is then. If the misfire moves to the new cylinder or ceases completely, you'll know the wire was bad.

Misfire cylinder 3 p0303 96 Mazda millenia?

This is usually a bad coil pack. This cylinder is located in the middle back. I had a lot of dealers that didn't know and some manuals are wrong. They run 1,3,5 on the back.

What causes 1996 Mazda millenia to misfire on cylinder 1?

Start with a bad Spark Wire Followd by a new Distributor Cap and Rotor button. Pening that failure, replace the sparks.

Misfire in a 2006 Ford Focus?

It's possible your drive belt is loose and skipped a couple "cogs."

Why does my car 1996 Hyundai Sonata shakes on idle?

Possible cylinder misfire and/or failing engine mounts.

What would be the cause of a misfire 1 and 5 in a 2001 Ford Taurus I have replaced coils plugs plug cables and injectors?

Ignition module.

We replaced every sensor on your 1994 s10 and the truck still has a bad miss in it?

Bad spark plug wires or spark plugs can cause your 1994 Chevrolet S 10 two misfire. A plugged fuel filter can also cause the vehicle to misfire.

SES light is on code is for a misfire in cylinder 1 So I replaced plugs wires o2 sensor coil pack IAC valve fuel injector and had my fuel system cleaned what can it be?

There are numerous things that can cause a misfire, see related questions below.

How do you fix a misfire on a 1996 Saturn SL2 DOHC?

possible misfires caused by spark plug/coil wires

What is the cause of a Ford Triton 4.6 number 7 cylinder misfire Has new platinum plugs and both coil paks have been replaced. Runs fine for a few minutes then starts to misfire and check engine lite?

pull the plug and see if there is oil on the electrobs

What is a sentence using misfire?

I hope your barb was a misfire.

1997 misfire 2 7.Changed plugswirescoil pack.Had filler neck leak for some time fixed.Used water removr in tank.exhaust smells lean with no smoke possible excessive condensation. why a misfire?

you should have your injectors checked.

What would cause a cylinder one misfire in a Toyota Echo?

replace plugs, if already replaced, replace coil that is plugged into sparkplugs. Could be many things really - but yes if plugs are old, replace them first. Engines also misfire when they do not have the expected amount of fuel and air, so any problem with either of those could cause a misfire (air filter clog, fuel pump dying, bad fuel injector, bad wiring to the plugs or fuel injectors). Not likely, but if you hear a lot of noise, a bad timing chain could also be responsible. It is also possible that a bad MAF or O2 sensor could cause a misfire. If your O2 sensors are old (>100k miles) you should replace them, only use genuine Denso replacements (they can be bought for around $35 shipped), other brands do not work well with Toyota's extra sensitive requirements.