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What are possible side effects of the Atkins diet?

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2009-01-09 02:44:42

The nature of the Atkins diet is to force the body to burn fats

and proteins as it's energy source as opposed to carbohydrates. The

body will breakdown these molecules into 2-carbon chains faster

than the Krebb's Cycle can use them to produce ATP and free

electrons (read up about cellular respiration for a better

explaination). As a result, many of the 2-carbon chains are

excreted as Ketones. Side effects: 1. Ketones STINK. If your liver

is producing Ketones it's a sure thing that your breath is going to

stink as well. 2. Atkins can rob you of energy, especially mental

energy and stamina. Your brain works best when in runs on

carbohydrates. If your brain does not get enough carbohydrates it

will break down the proteins in your body. 3. Not only does this

rob you of energy, you'll also lose lean body mass (aka muscle) 4.

Without fiber (a carbohydrate)your digestive system is bound to

slow down. Don't expect too many bowel movements while eating your

bacon and cheese burgers. Well put by the above poster. I just

wanted to add I saw a program on the Atkins diet and it's a

dangerous one because of high fat intake. There are simply good/bad

fats, but according to the Atkins diet you can eat anything you

want fat or not (and that is what some over-weight people want to

hear because they hate the word "diet.") The two best diets (or

training of good eating habits) is Weight Watchers and the South

Beach Diet. Answer There is absolutely no evidence to support an

increase of incidence of bad breath in low carbers....What about

Atkins followers who dont have bad breath. Atkins or not, you may

or may not have bad breath. Far more people are energised. Low carb

eating encourages the body to use fat stores as the energy source

after carbs, any other way has the body use mostly muscle. "without

fibre your digestive system is bound to slow down".... Your

digestive system has no set speed Peristalsis is affected by ANY

food and lubrication entering the system. Fibre is merely a natural

cleansing irritant, natures laxative. Low carbers should get their

fibre from vegetables and if necessary drink more water to aid

digestion. Low carbers may well have less movements as they are

eating less rubbish. Atkins is not a high fat diet....please some

time to find out what they are in fact in

Atkins does it suggest such bad dietry instruction. "according to

the Atkins diet you can eat anything you want fat or not" it

doesnt. I can only assume that these comments are made by people

who have neither read the Atkins books themselves nor visited the

Atkins web site as the comments attributed to Atkins can not be

found at source

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