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There are no valid reasons not to get child support. That money is supposed to be used to help raise the child.

If the custodial parent tries to refuse child support before a judge, the judge will override the custodial parent's wishes and explain that the child support belongs to the child, not to the custodial parent.

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Q: What are reasons not to get child support?
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What are reasons not to pay child support?

If there is a court order for child support than there are no reasons to not pay child support.

How could you receive a discharge notice for child support if child support is not dischargeable?

Child support is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. It may be discharged for a number of other reasons: child deceased; child emancipated, etc.

What is considered secondary education for child support reasons?

College or a trade school

Does your child's father have the same legal rights if you were never married but paternity was established for child support reasons?

Yes, he does.

What are the reasons for disqualification for a US passport?

If you owe back child support. If you are not a US citizen.

What is the legal age that you stop paying child support in Prince Georges county?

There are a variety of reasons why one may need to pay child support. If you have to pay child support in Prince Georges County, the age where you can stop payments is 18.

How do you obtain copies of your ex husbands income tax records for child support reasons?

Get a subpoena.

How do you stop court ordered child support in Tennessee?

Depends on your reasons. see links below

Is it illegal to give out another persons social security number for child support reasons?


Can non custodial parent stop child support?

Any change to the child support has to be done through the court where it was issued. Whether the judge will allow you to stop paying depends on the reasons you have.

Why most women do not seek child support?

That's an odd question. Most women do seek child support. But for those who don't it's for various reasons. Some or most would be because they either do not know their rights or are in fear of the child's father. Other lesser reasons would be due to the financial status of the women being such that she does not want or need support & therefore wishes to be independent to get away from the dad. Those are only some of the reasons as to why the mother would not seek child support. For the best answer, ask the woman in question.

What reasons are there to garnish wages in NJ?

There are a few reasons why wages can be garnished in the state of New Jersey. Reasons include back child support, back alimony, or back taxes.

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