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What are red bumps in the whites of the eyes?

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burst cappilaries

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What are red bumps in the whites of the eye?

burst cappilaries

What are little red itchy bumps at outside corners of eyes?

There are several conditions that could cause itchy red bumps around the eyes. They include acne, dermatitis, keatosis pilaris, styes and rosacea.

What is wrong if the whites of your eyes are red?

blood vessel busted

How can you make the whites of your eyes turn red?

easy stuff chilliess in them

Should the whites of a pit bulls eyes be red?

The white in a pit bulls eyes should not be red. The eye color should be on white.

What do you do when your dog has red eyes?

When your dog has red eyes check for swelling or bulging. If you see swelling or bulging, you should consult a vet. If you see streaks of red on the whites of the eyes, your dog's eyes are bloodshot. This could be from an allergy.

What is the proper name for the whites of the eyes?

Sclera are the whites of the eyes

What are rabbits with pink eyes called?

Rabbits with pink eyes also have white fur, and they are called Red-Eyed Whites (REWs).

Is any type of hamster white without red eyes that does not bite?

Well there are winter whites but they are grey but in the winter if they get cold they turn white. There eyes can be red but most are black.

Why are your whites of your eyes not white?

the whites of your eyes is in reference to the white arond ur eye

Why are the whites of your eye red like blood?

The whites of your eyes can be red due to a few different things1.Popped blood vessels (due to high force impact)2.Pink Eye

Why is green mucus in your dogs eyes and whites are blood red?

because your dog needs to see the vet.

Why do the whites of your eyes turn yellow?

The whites of the eyes may get a yellow tinge if you are a smoker. But one of the most common reasons for the whites of the eyes turning yellow is a symptom of liver failure.

What are the red bumps on a turkey's head are called?

The red bumps on a turkey's head are called CARUNCLES.

What does it mean when a woman shows the whites of her eyes?

Nothing. It's fairly hard to avoid showing the whites of your eyes.

Is it normal for the whites of your eyes to go yellow?

no it isnt. if the whites in your eyes become yellow, you may have jaundice or malaria

What are bumps under the eyes?

it gust means you are sleepy or you are straning your eyes

Why don't dogs have whites in their eyes?

They do.

What are red bumps on baby's?

Red bumps on a baby's bottom could be a diaper rash or even a heat rash.

What were the symptomes of the plague?

big bumps form by your armpits. red sore bumps.

What are Scapies?

i have red bumps on my neck and when i press down it itches. The bumps are hard and looks like mosquito bumps is this scapies?

Does stress or lack of sleep cause red eyes?

I belive that stress causes lack of sleep and lack of sleep causes red eyes . and to much stress can and will caused blister looking bumps on skin that will burn.. and they wont go away until they are ready to.

What causes yellow in the whites of your eyes?


What do you do when there are red bumps on your legs?

When u shave it gives u red bumps I get them all the time in the winter, cuz my legs are dry

What does it mean when the whites of someone's eyes are brown?

Genetics, or the chlorophyll in your eyes! :P