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What could cause a small red bump on your tonsil?

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it could be an infection that might have caused it.

2007-04-21 04:22:16
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What could cause a bump on your butt?

could be a pmple

Your cat has a small bump on her throat under her chin where you would scratch her. what could it be?

A small bump on the throat of a cat could be a number of things. This could be a lypoma, it could be some type of infected injury, or it could be a tumor.

What is a small white bump on the side of your tongue?

It could be an ulcer.

What could a small hard bump with a scab be on your head?

a penis

What is a small white bump on the lower eyelid?

It could be a stye

What can cause a bump in your pubic hair?

It could be an ingrown hair or a pimple.

Can a bump on the head cause blindness?

it could if the bump is near your eyes or any part of the optical lobes at the back of your head

How do you play small bump on the guitar?

you play a small bump on the guitar

What can cause a bump on your eye lids?

what cause bump on eye lids

What could cause a bump outside your nose?

A bump on the nose could be a pimple or a sebaceous cyst of some kind. It is important to have a doctor see it. Infections near the sinuses can be dangerous.

Can yeast infection cause small bump in vagina?

Yes, it is possible for a yeast infection to cause a small bump in the vagina, but don't assume this is the explanation for anything unusual in your vagina or vulva. Go get checked out by your doctor, especially if you have been sexually active at all.

Small round bump on cervix what could it be?

The best way to determine that answer is to see your doctor.

What could be a Small bump on finger with white top?

There is a possibility it could be a cyst, go check it out with a hand surgeon.

What are the notes to ed sheeran small bump on piano?

Bumpedy bump bumpey bump BUMP that help you?

Small white painful bump on the tongue?

inflamed taste bud?

Could you have a bug bite on your arm if you have a small bump on your arm that is swollen?

It could be a bug bite,or a infected hair folical.

What could cause a banging noise underneath my car when I hit a bump?

bad coil springs

You have one small bump by your vagina it looks like a skin tag and you have also had discharge today could it be herpes?

Is the bump broken or open? Herpes doesn't usually cause vaginal discharge unless you have the lesions internally and they are open and weeping fluid. I would check with your doctor.

Very sore throat and a small red bump in the back of your throat what could it be?

the bump could be caused by infection or friction from lack of bile. This is associated with cold/flu like symptoms as the cilia hair is restricted, letting bacteria into the throat and causing a rash or bump.

What cause bleeding from nose and mouth?

lack of oxygen, and if they bump it how they bump it

What could a small purplish red bump on your butt be?

A boil - it's just a tiny skin infection.

What could a painless bump on your back be?

a painless bump

What does small bump on the tongue mean?

It can be different reasons you can eat something hot they will burn your tounge and cause a small dumb to appear, or you accidentally bit your tounge

What would make the right side of your head hurt?

Hurt as in Headache or Pain as in a bump? The stems on glasses can cause a headache if pressing too tight on top of the ear, if you just rec'd a new pair of rx glasses that can cause it also. Did you bump your head and maybe forget about it, sometimes a small bump matters.

Red bump on back I have a red bump size of a penny 14 inch bumped up red hurts when I touch it. right on the spine line between shoulder blades.what is it?

Your Shoulder can move downward, and can cause a red bump and swelling. If blood collect around your spine and shoulder is can cause a red bump and discomfort. Or it could be a type of injury