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If it is on the inside it could by a "Sty"... There are several over the counter "Eye Sty" removers. Good luck.

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Q: What could a little red bump on your eyelid be?
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What could a little red bump on the outside of your eyelid be?

the little red bump on the outside of your eye could be whats called a stye. To get rid of it use a pure gold ring or leave it to go away by its self.

What is that little red bump on my dog's paw?

it is probably a cyst

What is sty?

A sty or stye is a painful infection on the eyelid. It is a small red bump that is filled with pus and many times will look a lot like a pimple.

My boyfriend has a red bump on the bottom of his tongue what could it be?

The red bump on the bottom of your boyfriend's tongue could just be a sore that he got while trying to pierce his tongue.

What could cause a small red bump on your tonsil?

it could be an infection that might have caused it.

Could a red bump under your eye be from something sexual?

No, not at all.

Red bump on back I have a red bump size of a penny 14 inch bumped up red hurts when I touch it. right on the spine line between shoulder blades.what is it?

Your Shoulder can move downward, and can cause a red bump and swelling. If blood collect around your spine and shoulder is can cause a red bump and discomfort. Or it could be a type of injury

Red bump behind your ear?

no red bump behind my ear. behind my ear it just sore

What could a red bump under your tongue on the left side indicate?

that means you have aids

What could a painful red bump on your vagina come from?

Anything. Get checked out by a doctor to find out

What does it mean when your dog has a little red bump on is side?

It means it is time to go see your vet!! There is a lot it could be but your vet would know more exactly what it is, especially if they can see it.

Your hamster has a red bump on his front foot what could this be?

My hamster has had a red bump on his foot before. There is a bump because a) another hamster bit it or b) he got his foot poked somewhere. This isn't a sickness, so you don't have to worry. It will heal by itself.

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