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What could a little red bump on your eyelid be?

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If it is on the inside it could by a "Sty"... There are several over the counter "Eye Sty" removers. Good luck.

2006-08-23 18:54:17
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What could a little red bump on the outside of your eyelid be?

the little red bump on the outside of your eye could be whats called a stye. To get rid of it use a pure gold ring or leave it to go away by its self.

What is that little red bump on my dog's paw?

it is probably a cyst

What is sty?

A sty or stye is a painful infection on the eyelid. It is a small red bump that is filled with pus and many times will look a lot like a pimple.

My boyfriend has a red bump on the bottom of his tongue what could it be?

The red bump on the bottom of your boyfriend's tongue could just be a sore that he got while trying to pierce his tongue.

What could cause a small red bump on your tonsil?

it could be an infection that might have caused it.

Could a red bump under your eye be from something sexual?

No, not at all.

Red bump on back I have a red bump size of a penny 14 inch bumped up red hurts when I touch it. right on the spine line between shoulder blades.what is it?

Your Shoulder can move downward, and can cause a red bump and swelling. If blood collect around your spine and shoulder is can cause a red bump and discomfort. Or it could be a type of injury

What is red bump on back that hurts?

Could be a cyst. Or an ingrown hair OR a pimple

Red bump behind your ear?

no red bump behind my ear. behind my ear it just sore

What does it mean when your dog has a little red bump on is side?

It means it is time to go see your vet!! There is a lot it could be but your vet would know more exactly what it is, especially if they can see it.

What could a red bump under your tongue on the left side indicate?

that means you have aids

What could a painful red bump on your vagina come from?

Anything. Get checked out by a doctor to find out

Your hamster has a red bump on his front foot what could this be?

My hamster has had a red bump on his foot before. There is a bump because a) another hamster bit it or b) he got his foot poked somewhere. This isn't a sickness, so you don't have to worry. It will heal by itself.

Why is a red bump on your penis?

Herpes. why is a red bump on my dick.. Ummm.....not really supposed to be there....interesting question....

Very sore throat and a small red bump in the back of your throat what could it be?

the bump could be caused by infection or friction from lack of bile. This is associated with cold/flu like symptoms as the cilia hair is restricted, letting bacteria into the throat and causing a rash or bump.

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of a small oil or sweat gland of the eye?

Inflammation of the sebaceous glands or apocrine sweat glands of the eye due to infection is called a stye. A stye will manifest as small, painful, red bump(s) on the lower edge of the eyelid(s).If the red bump(s) are not painful, then it may be a chalazion. This is also caused by an inflammed sebaceous gland.

What could a small purplish red bump on your butt be?

A boil - it's just a tiny skin infection.

Your dog has a red bump on one of his testicles what could it b?

it could be a sign that he may have a tumor, check up with the vet and get a seconed opinion

What are the little red bugs on my office desk?

The little red bugs on your office desk could be several insects. They could be bedbugs, ants, or even red spider mites.

What is it if you have a small hard painful red bump on your underarm?

If you shave your underarm, it could be ingrown hairs that got infected.

On the back of your eyelid there is a red line that hurts when you blink what is it?

A sty, possibly.

What is wrong if you have a small red lump on your bottom eyelid that is swollen red and painful?

Go to the doctor weirdo.

What is a good ending for Little Red Riding Hood if you are changing the story?

You could make little Red get eaten or you could have the wolf apologize and they become friends.

What does a red bump on the cheek of a hamster mean?

It could be nothing, but you should take your hamster to see a veterinarian just in case.

What could cause a big red bump on your vagina?

if you are talking about a sore to touch red bump around the vaginal opening, it is the same thing as the sore red bumps a man can get on his penis. these are nothing to worry about, and will go away on their own, for they are just blisters cause from too much friction, and not enough lubrication.