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  1. acheter - to buy
  2. aider - to help
  3. aimer - to like
  4. apporter - to bring
  5. donner - to give
  6. chanter - to sing
  7. chercher - to search
  8. commencer - to begin
  9. danser - to dance
  10. débarrasser la table - to clear the table
  11. décider - to decide
  12. déjeuner à la cantine - to eat lunch at the cafeteria
  13. dîner - to eat dinner
  14. parler - to talk
  15. écouter - to hear
  16. essayer - to try
  17. étudier - to study
  18. fermer - to close
  19. gagner - to win/earn
  20. garder - to look after (a younger sibling)
  21. hésiter - to hesitate
  22. jouer - to play
  23. laisser un message - leave a message
  24. laver la voiture - to wash the car
  25. lever - to raise
  26. manger - to eat
  27. montrer - to show
  28. nager - to swim
  29. oublier - to forget
  30. passer l'aspirateur - to vacuum
  31. passer un bon week-end - to have a good weekend
  32. passer un examen - to take an exam
  33. porter - to wear
  34. promener - to walk
  35. ranger la chambre - to clean the room
  36. rater le bus - to miss the bus
  37. regarder - to watch
  38. rencontrer - to meet for the first time
  39. répéter - to rehearse/practice music
  40. retrouver - to meet with
  41. téléphoner - to phone
  42. travailler au fast-food - to work at a fast-food restaurant
  43. trouver - to find
  44. voyager - to travel

Aller means "to go," but it doesn't follow the same conjugation pattern as all the other French "er" verbs.

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Q: What are some French 'er' verbs?
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How do you conjugate er verbs in French?

The "er" verbs all have their endings formed like the verb "aimer" (link)

Can you please give me a list of ER verbs in French?

(Some) 'er' verbs: aimer, bouger, coucher, donner, doubler, irriter, jouer, laver, lever, manger, nager, passer, rester.

What are all the er verbs in French?

examples of 'er' verbs: aimer, diriger, lever, coucher, manger, laver, accepter, penser, donner, quitter, arriver,... the "er" verbs are the first group of verbs in French (those that you conjugue like "aimer"); this is the most important group among the more than 12000 French verbs, so you cannot possibly learn them all.

What is a verb that ends with er?

Some verbs that end in -er are:alterbuffercheerdifferleermurderofferrefersteersuffer

What are the main ER verbs in French?

aimer=to love chanter=to sing jouer=to play

What does the french suffix re mean?

It's one of the French endings to some words. The endings change when the word is a masculine or feminine. The er, re and ir verbs are very confusing

What are the infinitives of er verbs in?

The "er" suffix is how the infinitive form of the "er" verbs is, this is the reason why they are called "verbes en 'er' " or "verbes du premier group" (verbs of the first group, since this category is the most common).

Is the French word oublier a verb?

Oublier is a French verb meaning 'to forget'. Conjugations (1st group, regular 'er' verbs) in link below.

What are the verbs in first group in french?

the verbs of the first group in French are the verbs ending in "er" at the infinitive, which conjugue as "aimer" j'aime tu aimes il, elle aime nous aimons vous aimez ils, elles aiment verbs of the 2nd group are mostly those finishing by "ir" like "finir" the third group is made up the irregular verbs and those finishing by "re" like "prendre" or "perdre", by "oir" like "voir"

What is the rule for past participle in french?

Start with the infinitive: For er verbs, remove the er and add e with an accent ague / aller pp = alle' For ir verbs remove the ir and add i EX: mentir pp= menti; For re verbs remove the re and add u EX: entendre pp=entendu.

How do you conjugate the verb arguer in French?

Arguer is a first-group verb (regular verbs ending in 'er) - (check link for the conjugation)

In spanish what are verbs ending in -AR-ER-IR called?

Regular Verbs