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Greeks offered most aspects of civilization to the world. They first of all offered Logic (see Aristotle and his monumental masterpieve "Το Όργανον") and Philosophy. Most modern philosophical currents are based either on Plato or Aristotle. A non-complete list of things Greeks have offered to the world includes geometry (see Euclid), medicine (see Hippokratis), theatre (see Aesclylus), mathematics (see Thales), Astronomy (see Aristarhos), language (all languages are based on Greek - see relative articles for Greek words existing by the thousands in all modern languages), music (see the Pythagorean system of numbers-in-music), democracy (see Pericles).

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Q: What are some Greek contributions to the modern world?
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The Greek started theater to honor gods and some of Greeks plays are around today.

What were some of the great contributions of the ancient Phoenicians?

The alphabetic writing system, copied by Greek, Roman and modern European languages.

What were some political contributions that Greece made?

The contributed the democratic system to the modern world they were the first to use it

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democracy; the Hippocratic Oath; tragedy and comedy; philosophy

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all i know is that they made great weaving and that contributed to modern day weaving.

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There are no modern goddesses of Greek mythology, it is mythology that dates back to ancient Greece.

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Democracy, sculpture, science, drama, literature, architecture, philosophy …