What are some animal diseases?

bird flu,rabies
Rabies, is an acute infectious viral disease, that is often fatal to those exposed to it, usually warm blooded animals. It attacks the central nervous system, and is easily transmitted through a bite by the infected animal.

Distemper, is another infectious virus disease, occurring in certain mammals, usually dogs. Some of the symptoms are, loss of appetite, discharge from eyes and nose, then often partial paralysis and death.

Feline Leukopenia, an unusual blood disorder for cats, but if found early can be treated with medications.

Congestive Heart Diease, which is very much like that in humans, but not being able to explain the reasons for certain restritions, medication, etc, can create additional stress which needs to be avoided.

With the growing numbers of older animals, joint pain, instability, hearing loss, vision problems, and other age issues are fast becoming some of the leading problems animal owners are faced with.

This is a quick outline of some of the dieases that animals and their owners face. If you'd like more information about ones that I've listed or one that I didn't. Please contact your local vet, they are more than happy to help in anyway possible. If you need their assistance with your pet, they are there to help. Please don't try to determine what is wrong on your own.

If you need reference materials for research, or study. Please ask another question, but rephrase your question to indicate that. I know there are other common dieases that I have left out, help would be appericated.