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What are some benefits of insects?



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.Most insects such as fireflies eat insects thus not biting us.

Bees and butterflies are essential to the pollination of many of our food crops.

Bees also make honey.

Silk worms produce silk which is still a valuable fiber.

Shellac is a useful insect product.

Insects are an important food source for many of our favorite birds.

Maggots from flies and leeches have some medical uses.

Insects are valuable tools for scientific research because of their rapid reproduction rate and their ease of keeping them in laboratories.

Insects are well known in various areas of arts and as pleasant to the senses.

Tannin from insect galls to prepare permanent inks.

Maintaining the balance of nature by the role of predator & parasite.

Food for many animals.

Insects act as biological controlling agents.

Dermestids for cleaning skeletons.

Insects aerate and nourish the soil by their burrowing and droppings