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Which route did the Allied forces use to cross into France

During the invasion of Normandy what caused a one day delay of the invasion

The largest and most efficient death camp was in Poland

During World War 2 moved his Russians through Eastern Europe gained territories set up puppet governments

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Q: What are some cultural artifacts in France?
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What are some cultural artifacts in Germany?

what is a german artifact

What are some examples of Solomon Islands cultural artifacts?

There are many examples of Solomon Islands cultural artifacts. Some of them include the moon rock, artwork, cravings, photos and so much more.

What are archaeologists and what do they do?

A person who studies artifacts can cultural.

Icons and heroes are examples of what?

Cultural Artifacts

What are some cultural values in France?

French cultural values were liberty, life, equality, and fraternity. These were the paradigms of France.

How do you research and document cultural artifacts?

By researching it and documenting it.

An identifying cultural artifacts is something that?

it says somthing about who you are

How are cultural behavior cultural artifacts and cultural knowledge related?

When ethnographers study other cultures, they must deal with three fudamental aspects of human experience: what people do (cultural behavior), what people know (cultural knowledge), and the things people make and use (cultural artifacts).

What are some cultural events in France?

Some events in france include the events that are influenced by the frech culture

Where are artifacts kept?

Artifacts are objects of historical or cultural interest that were made by humans. Many artifacts are kept in museums and they are on display so the public can view them.

What is a cultural artifacts?

An object that gives information about the culture of a person or group

What are some cultural differences between France and Spain?

ya mom

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