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they aren't as convienent as nonrenewable resources

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Q: What are some disadvantages for renewable energy?
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What are two main disadvantages of fossil compared to renewable energy?

It is a substance

What are the disadvantages of using renewable energy repeatably?

They are None, [and as such] they are absolutely nonexistent.

If an energy source is nonrenewable?

some energy sources are non renewable but some are renewable

Is energy resource or nonrenewable?

It depends where it comes from. Energy from solar, wind, water etc is renewable. Energy from burning fossil fuel is non-renewable.

What are two main disadvantages of fossil fuels compared to renewable energy?

It is a substance

What are some energy resources?

what are some renewable energy resources

What are some disadvantages of gas?

expensive and a non-renewable resource.

What alternatives are renewable?

Biofuels , Solar energy , Wind energy , Tidal energy are examples of some renewable energies

What are the 2 advantages of classifying energy sources as renewable and non- renewable?

advantages of renewable- it can be used over and over again. used to make power disadvantages of renewable- solar panels are expensive, so are wind turbines advantages of non-renewable- very efficient. lots of experience in field disadvantages of non-renewable- it pollutes the environment. it is difficult to dispose of

What are some disadvantages of bagasse?

it does not cause pollution... it is renewable.... it is free also...

What are some advantages and disadvantages of using wind energy to create electricity?

The advantage is that wind is renewable- it does not get used up. Disadvantages- the wind does not always blow, it does not blow at a constant speed, and it does not always blow where electricity is needed. It can be costly to generate and store electricity from wind energy.

What are atcually renewable source of energy?

there are so many renewable energys but i can say some: solar energy, hydro power, geothermal energy........