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What are some examples of mythology?

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The myth of Perseus where he had to slay Medusa and free his mother from an evil king who wanted Perseus dead. The myth of Medusa is about a beautiful girl who was the object of affection of Poseidon. This girlwas Medusa. She and Poseidon had an affair in Athena's temple and turned her hair into snakes as punishment. The Odyssey is a good example of myths.

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What are some examples of mythology in your time?

There are many examples of mythology. There is Greek mythology, as well as Roman and Norse mythology. There are also Egyptian mythologies, although they are not as popular.

What are some Greek mythologies?

Some examples of Greek mythology would be The Golden Fleece, or the Titan war.

What are some creatures from Greek mythology?

The Chimera, Pegasus, and the Sphinx are examples of creatures from Greek mythology. See 'related links' for more. Also there's the Hydra, Cerberus, the Minotaur, and many kinds of dragons.

Did Mesopotamia have mythology?

Yes, it did. One of the most famous examples of recorded Mesopotamian mythology is "The Epic of Gilgamesh", some copies of which have been around since the 13th century BCE, even the 18th century BCE.

Can someone list a few philippine mythology examples?

The various creation myths such as The Story of Bathala and the Visayan version are examples of Philippine mythology. Another popular myth is the legend of Maria Makiling.

Is polytheism many gods or one?

Monotheism is the belief in one god (i.e: Islam and Christianity), therefore polytheism is the belief in many. Some examples would be Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, or the Mayan and Aztec cultures

How does rumour relate to mythology?

Some mythology is based on rumours.

What are Odysseus and Poseidon examples of?

Odysseus and Poseidon are examples of many things, including prominent male characters from Greek mythology.

Is the movie The Little Mermaid related to mythology?

No, it has nothing to do with mythology, some people think that it is mythology because king neptune is in it.

What is prose fiction?

Prose Fiction:For Me Its A myth- greek Mythology, Parable stories in the Bible, Legend. and its purpose is to Give some sort of examples that we can learned about. ^^, analytical- apex

Can you teach about greek mythology?

Yes, actually some colleges have courses on greek mythology.

What were some Greek mythology art?

In Greek mythology, the nine what were the patron-goddesses of the arts.

How does mythology influence theater?

Both pagaism and mythology has impacted the theater both in some plays and down to how some theaters are decorated

Who are some goddesses that begin with the letter H?

Hathor (Egyptian mythology)Hera (Greek mythology)

What are some arctic traditions?

Storytelling, mythology, and dancing are some.

What was a typical life for a woman of the Norse Mythology?

Some women in Norse mythology were gods (Freda), some were warriors (the Valkyrie), and some were ordinary women, servants, and entertainers.

Examples of Greek or Roman mythology?

Perseus the gorgon slayer 12 tasks of Heracles the Odyssey the Iliad

Name some creatures of the Greek-mythology.?

Too many to count. The Minotaur. Polyphemus. Centaurs.

Who are some modern goddesses?

There are no modern goddesses of Greek mythology, it is mythology that dates back to ancient Greece.

What other name could you use for Norse mythology?

Some call it the Norse Religion, Viking Mythology, and the Viking Religion, but the most correct is Norse Mythology.

How has mythology affected the world?

The effect, I believe cannot be understated. Mythology has affected the world in many ways giving us advice, entertaining us, and showing us interesting life lessons. Greek Mythology for example has made it way into our modern world, by shaping languages.Some examples:A Herculean taskHaving Midas's touchOpening Pandora's box

What did Greek mythology attempt to explain?

Greek mythology attemped to explain everything that the ancient Greeks couldn't understand. Remember that ancient Greeks didn't know the things we know today. Some examples are: Death Love Birth Good and evil Creation Sicknesses The stars Life ... And more

Examples of allusion?

- I am strong and brave as Hercules (Mythology)- I am pretty as the Aphrodite (Mythology)- She has the Midas touch (Mythology)- He sat Buddha-like on the floor (Religion)- He felt that he hadmet his Waterloo (History)" Whatever i touch turns green?"I'm not sure if that is an allusion or not but it sounds good to me. :)

Where can you read about Greek mythology?

Try reading some of the epics, like Homer's Odyssey and the Iliad. Another good book on Greek mythology is Edith Hamilton's Mythology. See 'related links' for a good website on mythology.

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