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What are some fast food facts?

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Fast food is generally not as healthy as regular food

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Where could someone find nutrition facts about popular fast food restaurants?

One could find some nutrition facts for popular fast food restaurants. One way that one could find this information is by going straight to the fast food restaurants' websites and finding the nutrition facts.

Facts about McDonald's?

McDonalds is a Fast Food restaraunt

Fast food is not a healthy optionWhy?

Look at all the nutrition facts from fast food chains! This site has a lot of them.

What are some negative facts about fast food?

There's lots of sugar and salt in them. If you eat it too much it can lead to depression.

Where can you find nutrition facts about fast food restaurants?

Many fast food restaurants these days have nutrition facts posted somewhere in the restaurant, often up near the order counter. They also have them available on their websites.

Why is fast food good for you?

Fast food is convenient. It does lack some nutrition.

What is the book chew on this about?

The book "Chew On This" is a book that gives you insight on fast food. It offers information on the food you are actually eating and interesting fast food facts such as one out of every three toys given to kids comes from fast food restaurants.

Why do some people prefer eating fast food?

Some people prefer fast food because it is convenient for them.

What are some fast facts about taoism?

Some fast facts about Taoism include that it was founded in China by Lao-Tze. According to Taoism, the purpose of life is inner harmony and peace.

How healthy is fast food?

Fast food in general is not healthy. Some fast food restaurants can have healthy food such as fresh salad bars and fresh vegetables.

What are some fast facts about alnwick castle?

it is on a hill side

Which fast food places are actually healthy?

While there are not really "healthy" fast food places or establishments, many fast food restaurants do have some healthy options. It is good to look at the nutrition facts at either the store or online and be able to chose an intem from the menu that is low in fat and sodium, and reasonable in terms of the amount of calories it contains.

What kind of food will make some one fat fast?

Hamburgers from fast food outlets such as McDonald's.

What are some cool facts about fish?

a sailfish can go fast as 68mp

What are some fast facts just about Death Valley?

It is the valley of the dead

What is nurtrition facts?

nurtrition facts is a label that can gave you some ideas that what nutrition will you get from this food.

Can you get free food for working at a fast food restaurant?

Some restaurant is Yes but Some not.

Why is fast food called fast food?

Fast food is called fast food because they give it to you fast and it will make you fat fast.

How are fast foods bad for your health?

Some say its good, and some says its bad, food like "milk, butter, egg" are good fast food and food like "chocolate, ice cream, lollipop/candies" are bad fast food, so i advice you to take good fast foods.

What are some fast facts about the oriental pearl tower?


What are some fast facts about John Steinbeck?

Fast facts about John Steinbeck include his birth on February 27, 1902. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for literature and had two children.

Is fast food as bad for you as supersize me suggests?

Sort of. Fast food is not good for you, but "Supersize Me" over-exaggerated some claims and took fast-food-intake and eating to an un-natural extreme.

What are some geographical facts about turkey?

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What are facts about Italian food?

Italian food facts

How fast do some food cook?

Depends...What Foods?