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hello how r u doin its good to have u here do you want to dance

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Q: What are some good conversation starters for talking with a girl?
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If you're a girl what are some good conversation starters when talking with teenage guys after you've gotten through the how are you part?

Try asking what him about sports, books, music, and classes.

What is a good conversation starter for a girl talking to a boy?

A good conversation starter for a girl talking to a boy is to ask what he likes to do for fun or what kind of music or movies he enjoys.

What questions are good conversations starters?

How about "What question do you think is a good conversation starter?".

What are some good conversation starters with a guy at his locker?

"i like your abs"

What are some good conversation starters for couples?

How bad your life is at the moment. lol.

What are good conversation starters for talking with a guy?

my answer to this question is to just be flitatious. talk to them about things that you know that they like, & never start talking about yourself if they don't ask. this should get you right on through. -mary grace L. (:

How do you start a conversation with a girl in college?

Hello tends to be good. :) It depends on your existing relationship. Try talking about your classes, hobbies or your futures.

How do you start a good conversation with a girl?

just talk to them

What do you do if your friend is talking about you behind your back about a girl you were going to have sex with?

If your friend is discussing your relationship with a girl you had some interest in and you're not privy to his conversation, he is probably not a good friend. It may be time to move on.

Good conversation starters?

-What did you do last week? -What grade did you get on that quiz? -What class are you going to next? -This Teacher is so unfair. -I need sleeep:)

What a good conversation of endangered species?

ask questions to WHO your talking to also give facts to get it started

What are good tips on how to have an important conversation with a girl?

Be honest, direct and respectful of her feelings.

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