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Any type of squats are good for your thighs and butt!!


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Some exercises that will tone exercises are crunches and yoga exercises. The lung may be a good thing to try. Push ups will help make the area tighter.

The best exercises to help lose weight in your buns and thighs is squats, lunges, and step ups. These exercises will help you tone your muscles.

Weights would be a start. Leg extensions, lunges, squats, any number of exercises.

To lose inches from buns and thighs, tone up these areas with exercises designed for the buns and thighs. Cut down on the number of calories that you consume, and get more exercise.

There are lots of good exercises to tone up a flabby stomach some of which are sit ups, chair squats, and even walking is a great way to tone up your stomach.

Some good pelvic floor exercises to try are Kegel exercises and Pilates. There are Kegel exercises for men and women. These exercises can help women recover muscle tone after pregnancy.

From my own experience I find that exercise such as jogging and biking help to slim down your thighs and tone up the muscle. Also simple exercises and streches such as yoga and pilates will slim down your thighs over time.

Some exercises that will tone your stomach muscles or abs are sit ups/crunches, pilates, and yoga target the abs. Other cardio exercises like jogging, swimming and cycling will also help tone your abs.

There are many different exercises that target and tone the abs. Some abdominal exercises are sit-ups, crunches, abdominal hold, side crunch, and even the plank are great for toning the abs.

There are many recommended exercises to tone the inner thigh. These exercises include squats, leg lifts, ballet raise, standing thigh press and cross-stepping.

Some exercises you can do on a Weider Crossbow 2000x to tone your body are calf raises, seated ab crunches, and rows.

Diet and exercise, along wtih stretching and exercsie to tone the muscles in your thighs.

Captain's Chair and Bicycle Maneuver are two good ones to help tone your stomach. Squat And Pulse are good for your butt and thighs.

Some exercises you can try are: squats lunges wall sits

Another good exercise to tone your abs is crunches. However, you should also include other types of exercises such as walking or jogging.

There are many great exercises to help tone the body. Some examples of these exercises include squatting and shoulder presses, pull combos, and crossover lunges.

What you asking is if you can spot reduce fat, which you technically can't. You basically have to loose fat over your entire body, which includes thighs and calves, through diet and exercise (Cardio workouts, biking, running, swimming). However you can exercise thighs and calves so they are more toned which which tighten up flabby loose muscle underneath the fat layer. Exercises to tone thights: lunges, squats, donkey kicks, ect. Exercises to tone calves: running and jump rope or anything else that you do on the balls of your feet.

walls uparereally really good to mainteing your chest firm

Do exercises that slim and tone your thighs while lifting your rear. Examples - kickbacks, squats, hydrants... If your weight does not go to your butt when you gain, you just won't get a big butt. However, if your thighs are smaller you can appear to have more back there.

To strengthen and tone one's upper arms can be accomplished by getting involved in weight lifting. There are different ways to lift weights to tone the different arm muscles.

I have a small upper body and my thighs arent too fat but they look unproportional to my upper body and has some cellulite. id like to make them look smaller so that it matches my upper body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. what im asking more specifically i guess is: what exercises can i do to reduce fat and tone the thighs without making them bulky and too musculer? it's just my thighs i have a prob with, my butt is perfect. im 5'3" and 118 lbs.

Yes, running along with any type of exercises will tone out your body. Walking is the best exercise, walking at a rapid pace with your arms swinging at the side is supposed to be the best form or exercise and it supposed to tone out your whole body. Hope this helps [: rate me/ give me trust points please [:

Crunches, abdominal curls and situps are good ways to tone the muscles around your mid-section. Overall fat loss depends on a health diet and exercise regime, including these strength exercises.

An exercise ball is very good for toning your body. There are several exercises you can do with an exercise ball to tone and strengthen your body. Most exercise balls come with some directions for toning exercises.

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