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What are some good knock knock jokes?



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I get up in front of the class at recess every day and do jokes I made up here are some that made tem burst out in laughter.

Knock Knock!

Whose there?

You where born on a pile of pa.

You where born on a pile of pa who.

You where born on a pile of poo.

Knock Knock.

Whose there?


Phillip who?

Phillip my gas tank please I'll pay!

Knock Knock!

Whose tere?


Lettuce who?

Lettuce in Tomato head we're all vegtables.

Knock Knock.

Whose There.

Hi Men.

Hi men Who?

Hi men the mood for love

(Not for sexual activity.)

How was the rollercoaster today.

It has its ups and downs.

Why didn't the car start?

Because it didn't have any gas ppphhh.

How do you communicate with a fish.

Drop him a line.

What are you called when in a bathroom stall.

Europian (Your a peeing)

[Kid] Something stung me in this brose.

[Camp Counsoler] There is no B/bee in brose.

[Kid] There was in this one.

Get it a bee in a rose.

Can you tell me a good joke about the pop singer Ke$ha the one who sings blow, we R who we R, tik tok, blah blah blah, cannibol, your love is my drug, etc.