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Apparently mock apple pies have been made since the 1850s, when pioneers missed the apple pie Mom used to make when they lived back east. They substituted one made of soda crackers and spices. (Soda crackers weren't cheap, but apples cost the equivilant of $100 per pound in today's money, in Los Angeles in the 1850s.)One of the most popular and famous involves Ritz crackers instead of the apples. If you really want it, Google "Ritz Mock Apple Pie" My question is, Why? Why not use apples, which are tastier and certainly healthier than an all-starch soda cracker pie?

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โˆ™ 2005-12-08 08:29:33
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Q: What are some good recipes for faux apple pie without apples in the ingredients?
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There are probably recipes that call for both apple sauce and apples.

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A candy apple is a toffee coated apple. The ingredients needed are apples, sugar and a stick. Basically the sugar is boiled up in water until it gets to toffee consistency and then the apple is coated in it.

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Apple pies com from harvest apples, mashed, and put into a pie dough. The apples have added ingredients such as sugar and oil.

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A Latvia apple pie is called an abolu platsmaize contains most standard ingredients of an apple pie, but it also calls for eggs, buttermilk and sour creme. The dough is smoother/runnier than a standar apple pie, and placed in a baking tray or sheet with the apples lined on top much like a bed of apples.

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Pork chops and apples can be nicely paired together by using apple juice or baked apples as a marinade. If you prefer to bake your pork chops, bake sliced apples and honey along with it for a sweet taste. If you prefer to pan fry or sautee your pork chops, season or top it with an apple glaze.

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