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What are some good tips for starving yourself that help you lose lots of weight?

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August 15, 2014 5:45PM

Starving oneself is not the best way to lose weight. Take it

from someone who lost 40 lbs in six! If you starve

yourself, your brain will shut down your metabolism in an effort to

save energy, and your weight loss actually becomes slower.

First of all, avoid sugar and caffeine. Consuming sugar or

caffeine will simply make your body burn that for energy first, and

not burn fat. Also avoid high fat foods.

Eat small meals, several times a day. Mostly eat vegetables,

with very little meat. When you do eat meat, stick with fish and

poultry, which are low in fat. Eat breakfast! That jump starts your

metabolism in the morning. What you are trying to do is teach your

brain that you are going to give it some fuel several times a day,

so it won't be as likely to store fat, because it will learn the

pattern that there is another small meal coming shortly.

When I say small meals, I mean very small, snack size meals. The

ideal is to actually decrease the overall amount of intake, AND

spread it out across the day evenly. Also, don't eat after dark.

You need not give your body anything to store over night while you

are sleeping.

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