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Starving oneself is not the best way to lose weight. Take it from someone who lost 40 lbs in six! If you starve yourself, your brain will shut down your metabolism in an effort to save energy, and your weight loss actually becomes slower.

First of all, avoid sugar and caffeine. Consuming sugar or caffeine will simply make your body burn that for energy first, and not burn fat. Also avoid high fat foods.

Eat small meals, several times a day. Mostly eat vegetables, with very little meat. When you do eat meat, stick with fish and poultry, which are low in fat. Eat breakfast! That jump starts your metabolism in the morning. What you are trying to do is teach your brain that you are going to give it some fuel several times a day, so it won't be as likely to store fat, because it will learn the pattern that there is another small meal coming shortly.

When I say small meals, I mean very small, snack size meals. The ideal is to actually decrease the overall amount of intake, AND spread it out across the day evenly. Also, don't eat after dark. You need not give your body anything to store over night while you are sleeping.

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Does starving yourself help you lose weight?

Yes, in the short term but not in the long term. Starving yourself may actually make you put weight ON. If you deprive yourself of food - that your body needs to function properly - your metabolism will suffer. Your metabolism can sometimes control your weight, so suddenly eating properly one day then starving yourself the next will confuse it, and when you decide to start eating again, you will most probably gain unwanted weight. Starving yourself does NOT work, and the best way to lose weight is to exercise, eat meals with varied food groups and eat healthily. I also know it is best to eat little but often, instead of big and rarely.

Does starving help weight loss?

No... You need to eat in order to get energy. If you Starve you can tell the difference of losing weight and starving.

How can you starve yourself?

Starving yourself is when you cease to eat. I highly discourage this, not eating can potentially cause major health concerns.If you are really wanting to lose weight I suggest meeting with a professional nutritionist to help you get started.

Does anorexic diets mixed with yoga help with weight loss?

Absolutely not. Your body gains weight when it thinks that you need it. In other words, you gain weight when your body thinks you are starving. If you are starving yourself, you will gain weight. The best thing to do is take a hour long walk everyday and eat a handful of food every hour; so your body feels that it has no need to have a surplus.

How much weight can you lose by starving yourself for two weeks?

Every person is different, but I can tell you that starving yourself will not help you lose weight. Your body will actually start to hold onto weight after about 3 days of starving yourself and anything with fat that you put into your body will go straight for the fat reserves. Your body will think it is headed for hard times and that it will need all the fat it can take. So you would hurting your body more than anything, probably even gaining weight once you do decide to eat. Also, you could cause yourself a heart or brain problems from starving yourself. That is what happened to Terri Schiavo, her extreme dieting methods caused her brain damage. Be smart about weight loss, the simple method that works is to cut your calorie intake and start exercising. There is no easy way around it and especially if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

Why should you not starve yourself?

Many people starve themselves indeed because they want to lose weight, but infact, this does not help at all. Wehn you don't eat, your body thinks it is starving and produces fat. So the best way to lose weight is to eat healthily, not starve yourself!

You are starving yourself and you are very ill where do you go to get help?

Doctor or a SCIENCE teacher perhaps..*cough**cough*

I want to be 7.5 stones from 9.5 how many days do i have to starve do me a favor give me a trick to pretend to be ill for fri-mon thnx it will help so much?

Starving yourself is never the answer to lose weight. Starving yourself could lead to serious consequences like becoming anorexic or bulimic, which cause a lot of harm to your internal organs and eventually, without getting help, even death. Just do the usual diet and exercise thing, eating the right food and the right portions helps a lot better than no food at all. Please re-consider the whole starving yourself thing, its not a good idea at all. You could seriously hurt your body. If you want faster results, talk to a doctor about losing weight. I don't know how much 9.5 stones is in pounds but if its a healthy weight, I say keep it. =]

If you are too skinny and eating a lot of food does not seem to help can starving yourself instead actually make you gain weight?

no starving yourself won't help it will make you lose more weight what you need to do is find out what foods make you gain weight like bread and meats with fat on them high protein foods but don't starve yourself that won't help but that's what you really need to do eat high protein fat foods and see if that doesn't work don't just eat because if your tall you have alot of metabolism and your body is just working the fats from the food around your body that's going to eventually giving you shape and definition don't worry about it. Don't starve yourself! eat small meals throughout the day.

I think my friend is anorexic how much weight will you lose within a week of starving yourself?

Roughly 2-3 kilograms. You should tell your friend that she or he should stop this harmful practice immediately, and/or get professional help.

If you are on your first day of starving yourself how do you keep yourself from eating food?

drink lots and lots of water and you can eat celary it makes you lose caloriesBetter AnswerStarving yourself is actually counterproductive for losing weight. It is not a lifestyle that you can maintain. If you manage to starve yourself for a few days you will end up regaining all of the weight you lost and more. A healthy rate for weight loss is one to two pounds per week. I you would like to lose weight, work out 4-5 days per week. Combine light weights with a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio at your target heart rate. (they have little charts on the machines).Eat some lean protein (chicken, cottage cheese, egg whites etc.) with every meal. Also eat small 200-300 CALORIE meals 4 to 5 times per day. A good diet combined with lots of exercise, and drinking 8 glasses of water per day will help you lose weight and feel great too. I know when I'm starving I get really bad headaches and get really grumpy. You won't look good starving yourself either. I am assuming that is the goal. If you are completely obsessed with food and are really stressed about your weight please seek professional help. Counselling can really help. A model just died from anorexia, that's no way to be. How can people say you look hot if you're dead!

How much weight do you lose by starving yourself for a few days?

I'm sorry, but WikiAnswers is meant to be a place where questions are answered that are there to help or educate or assist a person. Suggesting a method of weight loss through encouraging anorexia (a potentially fatal and life-endangering disease) would not be helping, but would be promoting this dangerous life style. *** You can lose as much as one pound per day if you starve yourself. However, most of that will be muscle, which is smaller than fat, and you will gain it back as fat as soon as you stop starving yourself.

Am 25 yrs old with 2 children weigh 230lb how can you lose 60lb within 6 months thinking about going on a starving diet?


Would green tea help keep your metabolism running if you starve yourself?

Starving yourself is never a healthy option for weight loss. If you're desiring to starve yourself- why? Unless you have some diagnosed thyroid problem or injury, any normal person can reach a healthy weight through diet and exercise alone. You may very well have an eating disorder, see a psychiatrist for assistance.

If you eat one meal a day have put on weight and now want to lose weight by eating more meals will it help?

to lose weight you are best eating 5 really small meals a day and doing allot of exercise. and yes it will help with losing weight eating 1 meal a day isn't good cos if u are going to do that you have to keep it up forever if you don't, when u stop ur likely to gain it bak on because having 1 meal a day is like starving yourself

How to starve yourself without anyone noticing?

Starving yourself is dangerous and can be a sign of the deadly eating disorder anorexia nervosa. You should seek medical attention for help, not try and harm yourself in such a manner.

Can you lose 5 pounds per week without starving yourself?

There are always ways to lose weight without starving yourself. However, 5 lbs. per week is a large amount. Starving yourself is one of the least efficient ways to lose weight. Instead of losing fat and building muscle, which will give you the desirable trimmed and toned look, you will lose mass all around, giving you the unpleasant and almost taboo skeletal look. It may help you lose weight temporarily, but when you start to eat again, your body will store all of your food as fat- it will instinctively do this because it is storing up fat to keep itself warm during "seasons of famine"- an ancient defense mechanism. The healthiest amount to lose per week is about 2-3 lbs. The best thing you can do for yourself is to eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly. Get at least 3 hours of cardio (running, etc.) and at least 1 1/2 hours of weight training per week. This is the only guaranteed way to lose fat weight and keep it off for good.

Can not eating help you lose weight?

No! Eating LESS is a good way to lose weight, but choosing NOT to eat is a bad idea. A lot of people think that, but actually your bod ygoes into starvation mode and starts storing all your fat because you're not taking in nutrients. So your metabolism slows down and it might work for a little while but then you will gain it all back because you metabolism will hit an all time low. Trust me, I've been there, starving yourself does NOT help you lose weight, and eventually, will probably make you gain weight. Hope this helps!

Is Tae Kwon Do a good way of losing weight?

It all depends on how much weight you wish to lose. In general, any physical activity combined with a good diet will help lose weight along with good eating habits. TaeKwondo will help you tone your muscles and make you feel better about yourself. It will help with things such as blood pressure and other body functions, including joints, muscles, etc.

Is dry nuts good for weight loss?

Nuts are good for losing weight because when eaten in moderation, they are healthy snacks. They help keep your glycemic index up, so you donâ??t gorge yourself on other foods.

Can you lose 50 or more pounds in 5 months by throwing up or starving yourself?

Don't. You should consider seeking help if you are or are considering doing those behaviors. Besides helping you avoid such behaviors, professionals can help you develop an appropriate, healthy plan to reach and maintain a normal weight.

How much weight can I lose starving myself?

Hi, im here to help you. I dont recomend you starve yourself. Why you shouldnt do this is because after starving yourself you will be very hungry and want to eat more food then you should in the first place.WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? i have been wanting to lose weight so i got on youtube and looked up workouts. A channel that i recommend is "roberta's gym"doing their easy workouts caused me to lose 20 pounds in 1 month. I feel so much better after losing weight. I have abs, mussels, ect due to there workouts. i am very happy with it. try it out, you will be surprised with results! :)

What is the best way to starve yourself if you want to lose weight?

* Eat low fat food and work out everyday. For example, you might walk or run a mile every day. * Please please please don't starve yourself, the best way to lose weight is to eat! Believe it or not. Have six small nutritious meals throughout the day, and get like 30 min of exercise each day. * You need counseling. This is not a healthy way to lose weight. Portion control, eating more fruit and veggies and plenty of exercise will help you reach your weight loss goal. * Starving yourself in in any way or form is when you do not allow your body to eat what it has to in order to survive normally. it is when you are ignoring your body's cry for food. starving becomes a bad and serious thing when you are so focused on losing weight and the way you look. you can tell when your hair thins out and your body becomes drastically thinner within weeks of starving yourself. it is when you eat less than the amount of calories you need for yourself on a daily basis. your nails are going to become brittle and your face will turn pale and yellow toned. you will know you are starved whether it is for an hour or week if you get really tired and cant concentrate. this doesn't change if you are starving yourself through an hour or to the point where you are anorexic, when you don't eat when you are hungry. and throwing up food (bulimic) and other such eating disorders are considered starving yourself. whether you eat the right foods and then throw it up, or don't eat them at all, it is considered the same thing. If someone is suffering from such low self esteem that they would consider starving themselves, then insulting them is an unacceptable and potentially harmful way to respond. The answer that was above has been removed as harmful.

If you began starving yourself to lose weight how do you need to start eating again so you do not gain back all the weight that you have lost?

its never a good idea to starve yourself because no matter what your just lacking your body of the nutrition it needs so its just best to eat well and exercise regularly also to be completely honest i have tried starving myself to lose weight and at first you end up getting fatter as your body goes into freak out mode and starts eating away at its self then eventually it will start to eat into your muscle and you become very weak, that's why its better just to stick to a healthy diet plus you could always see your GP about losing weight they'll give you great advice and help you plan out your diets - it really does work i found it so much better losing my weight this way :)

How much weight will you lose if you starve yourself for a month?

If you literally starve yourself, you could have long term health affects, it is not a good way to lose weight. A reasonable diet should help you lose 8 to ten pounds the first month, slowing down at that point. Consult a physician for help in determining what the best option for you is.