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one of them is how the Worm eats the Bacteria on/under rocks and logs.

Worm = Living Thing

Log/Rock = Non-Living

(A log is a dead tree, therefore it cant grow. A rock just cant grow)


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The temp in the temperate rainforest is colder and in the tropical rainforest it is hotter.

A tropical rainforest is comprised of trees and a tropical grassland has no trees but lots of grass.

One difference between a temperate and tropical rainforest is that a temperate climate has cooler temperatures than a tropical rainforest. A tropical rainforest also has a more lush growth and more diversity of animals than a temperate climate.

An example of an interaction between a biotic and abiotic element is a Tree(biotic) interacts with soil( abiotic). Tree needs soil to grow

One example of a biotic-abiotic interaction would be a human using a computer.

A savanna is the transition between a desert and a rainforest.

Yes, an ecosystem is the study of interactions between abiotic and biotic factors in an environment

the difference between a tropical rainforest and a tropical dry forest is that a tropical dry forest is only sand like desert but has all animals and a rainforest is always raining and has many plants.

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Ecology studies organisms and their interactions (interactions with other organisms but also the environment surrounding them [biotic and abiotic factors]).

around the equaterThe tropical rainforest is located between the Tropics of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn along the the equator

The study of the interactions between biotic and abiotic factors is called Ecology.

it is modreate in between hot and cool.

An original tropical rainforest will be fairly dark inside, for there are several layers of vegetation between you and the sky. And the relative humidity will be about 95%

There is no difference they are both the same except for location the tropical rainforests are located in the tropics both are temperate forests

interactions between biotic and abiotic factors are the things that shape the environment around you for example more trees=more shade=lower temperature

A tropical forest in an area with high precipitation is known as a rainforest. A rainforest typically has an annual rainfall of between 98 and 177 inches.

In South America, you will find both an area of grassland and tropical rainforest. The grasslands of North America is home to the Bald Eagle. The tropical rainforest of South America is home to the Harpy Eagle.

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