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What are some new questions?

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If you are searching for new questions, simply go to the WikiAnswers home page and look on the left column.

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Why can not you see some of your new questions on the homepage?

Some new questions are filtered for appropriateness before they show on the homepage.

Why no new questions in Autos?

There many be no new questions in autos as no one has any new questions or they have not been loaded.

Where can you see the new questions on WikiAnswers?

Click new questions at the top of the page

What are some open ended questions for car sales?

whay started your search for a new car?

Do you answer questions about car problems?

Ask a new question about a car problem and some one will try to answer it.

What are the new Pokemon in black?

some of the new Pokemon in black is tepig snivy oshawott pidove servine and ask me other questions and i will answer them

Why has Wikianswers stopped updating new questions and new members?

New questions are still displayed as they come in. If you are watching a category, the new questions are still sent to the e-mail address you put on record.

How do you get the new moshling on Moshi Monsters?

To keep the game interesting, Moshi Monsters will be introducing new Moshlings, so it would be helpful to provide the name or some kind of information about the moshling you are looking for. You can also see Related Questions for some questions with answers that will help.

Can WikiAnswers show you a list of all the new questions?

You can see all the new questions as they come in on this webpage:http://wiki.answers.com/questions/&src=rctQ

Has anyone taken the new social 10-1 multiple choice exam if so what was on it?

its source based questions on globalization mostly and some mermory questions

What are some questions you can you ask your new girlfriend?


How many new questions are asked on Answers.com per day?

Rate of New QuestionsAs of November 11, 2010, Answers.com was averaging approximately 44,000 new questions every day. (For more detailed statistics, see the Related questions.)

What are some fun questions to ask your boyfriend?

Some fun questions are "what do you think we could do next time we meet up.?" or "do you think that new hang out place is cool because I think we should go there this weekend.?"

Which category has the fewest questions?

New categories are created every day on the site so for a short while they have the least amount of questions until more questions are categorized into them and new questions are added from there on.

Are there still unanswered questions about Jupiter?

Yes, and every new answer seems to bring up two new questions.

How many new questions are asked on Answers.com per hour?

Rate of New Questions Every HourAs of November 11, 2010, Answers.com was averaging approximately 1,800 new questions every hour.

Which questions do you frequently ask when you want to buy some industrial equipments from some factories or distributors?

When you have some requirements to order some electrical machines from the factory or the distributor, you will have some questions to ask them. The questions may include the warranty period, the warranty policy, the payment terms, how to buy some samples, how much is the freight of the goods, ... And if you are ordering internationally, especially from a new factory or distributor, there are more concerns. Which questions do you frequently ask in this situation? Which factors do you care mostly when you are ordering? Which answer do you expect when you are asking them? Do you think FAQs (frequently asked questions) are really what you need?

Why do some people answer their own questions?

It is called seeding. When a category is new, some users might ask common questions about that category and answer them in order to help others that have those questions.:) Either So They Can Spread Knowledge Of An Unknown Fact, Or They Just Want To Move Up Ranks On Answers.com.

Why don't people write answers?

People don't write answers to all questions because: New questions are always being posted."Old" questions even from an hour ago add to the 'unanswered' list.The answer depends on who finds the question.A person may not know an answer to that question so it gets skipped.There are more people asking than answering.Some questions need researched.Some questions need more research.Some questions need highly technical answers.Some questions can't be answered.Many questions have more than one answer to give.People answer what they know easiest or quickest.Some people may be disinterested in a subject/topic.Some people may be bored by a subject/topic.Some questions are nonsense and are moved off the site.A person must be able to read and write in another language on some questions.Sometimes we have to figure out what the Asker is asking.

Does this site has answers to all the questions?

Not all - since there are new questions being added all the time. Additionally - some questions may stay unanswered for a long time - depending on the subject - and whether someone knowledgeable stumbles on it.

What are the answers for learners permit test in New York?

You can find some questions on the last page of your Driver's Handbook.

Why is WikiAnswers bad at its job?

Some common problems with WikiAnswers are that new questions take a long time to get answered, and answers are sometimes short and unhelpful. WikiAnswers tries to solve these problems by holding contests and Answerthons, but there are still many unanswered questions. Check out the related questions below for some tips on getting your questions answered on WikiAnswers.

Can this site answer any of your questions?

some of them but not all of your questions.....

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