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Some Agricultural and scientific contributions of acient Egypt are: Math, Beer, and a Calendar

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What were some of the important cultural contributions of the Gupta Empire?

One of the most important contributions in Ancient India is the scholastic lives of other children to the king and queen of the Dynasty

What are some cultural contributions of the Aztec?

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What were some cultural contributions of the Kush?


Who were some of the leaders in the ottoman empire?

osman 1

The Ottoman Empire included some of the countries you now know as?

The Ottoman Empire was founded by Oghuz Turks under Osman Bey in 1299. Some of the present day countries that are located in the same area as the Ottoman Empire are: Egypt, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Yemen.

What are some cultural contributions of Greece?

it was high tworad the sky

Who are the important people of the ottoman empire?

Some important people of the Ottoman Empire were Osman I, Murad I, Selim I, and Bayezid II Wali. Also on the list are Abdulmecid I, Mustafa II, and Mehmed IV. The Ottoman Empire existed from 1299 to 1923.

Who were some important people from the Ottoman Empire?

Ishtar shinkan

What were some intellectual achievements of the Ottoman Empire?

Government and society

Who were some famous people from the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire was founded by Oghuz Turks under Osman Bey in northwestern Anatolia in 1299. Some of its famous leaders were: Osman I, Mehmed I and Mustafa I.

Why was the Ottoman Empire referred to as the sick man of Europe?

The Ottoman Empire, prior to its demise in WW I, was notoriously corrupt, badly managed, impoverished, and backward. Some or all of these traits linger in some middle eastern countries which were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire. I should also mention that although the Ottoman Empire was predominant middle eastern, it did extend into Europe - and even today, the nation of Turkey, which was the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire, does extend into Europe, and wishes to join the European Union, although its chances do not look good.

What is some of Turkey's interesting history?

Search up the โ€˜Ottoman Empireโ€™

What are some major events in the history of Turkey?

The Byzantine Empire. The Ottoman Empire. The Gallopoli Campaign of WWI.

Why did ottoman empire go to war?

The Ottoman Empire wanted to go to war because the Allies wanted to go to war with Germany and the Ottoman Empire is supposed to help out Germany when they are in war or need some help. The Ottoman Empire has gone to war numerous times and each time for a different set of reasons. The above is only applicable to World War 1.

How did the Ottomans gain land for their empire?

The Ottoman Empire expanded by conquering territory from neighboring states. In some cases, such as the Byzantine Empire (and all of its Despotates), the Sultante of Rum, the Empire of Trebizond, the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt, and several Balkans States, were entirely consumeed by the Ottoman Empire. Others such as the Hungarian Empire and Romania were not entirely conquered but lost some lands.

Which Muslim empire's government encouraged religious and cultural toleration the Mughal the Ottoman or the Safavid?

The Ottoman Empire's government was consistently tolerant. The Mughal Empire's government waxed and waned between tolerance under some rulers and intolerance under others. The Safavid Empire was consistently intolerant.

What best identifies Ottoman Empire?

There are a number of things which best identify Ottoman Empire. Some of them include expansion of territories, having so many sultans and controlling the world at large among others.

What were some IMPORTANT Byzantine Empire contributions?

Important Contributions from the Byzantine empirethe Justinians Code Of LawsArtArchitectureand they preserved the Greek and Roman cultureSpreading Christianity

What were some results of the fall of the Ottoman Empire?

The countries Ottoman Empire once ruled is now indepent and soverign. That meant they are first-class citizen, not dhimmis ottoman treated them. They are no longer subject to Sharia. They now make their own laws. Turkey is a republic and is modernized.

What change took place in the ottoman empire as a result of World War 1?

The Ottoman Empire was on the wrong side in WW I and as a result, it ceased to exist after the war. Most of he vast middle eastern territories which formerly were part of the Ottoman Empire were broken up into a series of countries, which exist to this day. Some territory was seized by Russia.

What are some of Romanias history?

Romania\'s history includes its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878.

What are some religious impacts that the Ottoman Empire had on early modern European life?

they spread islam

What led to the fall of the Ottoman empire?

The Balkan states wanted their independence, so there was a lot of tension between that area, especially during WWI. When WWI ended, the Ottoman Empire lost and the Russians and some of the Balkan states took control of some of their land.

What does the moon and star represent in a mosque?

Moon and star are a cultural reresentation that were initially adopted by the Ottoman Empire when they were on the verge of conquering great lands and nations. It has since been followed by some of the Islamic nations to represent through their flags.

Was the Ottoman Empire in Czechoslovakia?

Some of the southern parts of Slovakia were part of the Ottoman Empire at its greatest extent under Suleiman I, al-Qanuni. However, control over this area was exerted for less than one century.